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Advanced Security Audit

Vulnerability CategoriesHighMedLowOtherTotal
Fedora Local Security Checks7708280351010562
Web application abuses246519739144461
Debian Local Security Checks275110852603862
Ubuntu Local Security Checks25698252403418
Red Hat Local Security Checks23959148223393
CentOS Local Security Checks19207199202731
Mandrake Local Security Checks18666171112495
SuSE Local Security Checks2033413102447
Gentoo Local Security Checks16265461902191
FreeBSD Local Security Checks1410591802009
Oracle Linux Local Security Checks13285462101895
Windows : Microsoft Bulletins1107194401305
Product detection00012591259
Denial of Service528713711249
Solaris Local Security Checks646239130898
CGI abuses5452436911868
Amazon Linux Local Security Checks37722360606
Slackware Local Security Checks4449000534
Service detection1162512531
Buffer overflow4633810502
Conectiva Local Security Checks3098020391
Mageia Linux Local Security Checks21611120329
Turbolinux Local Security Tests2239410318
Web Servers9620715309
HP-UX Local Security Checks1885310242
Gain a shell remotely1693440207
Default Accounts180903192
Trustix Local Security Checks1402010161
Mac OS X Local Security Checks1301301144
JunOS Local Security Checks853610122
Gain root remotely113401118
F5 Local Security Checks585810117
Remote file access634312109
SMTP problems693042105
AIX Local Security Checks6810069
CGI abuses : XSS24430067
Privilege escalation36120048
VMware Local Security Checks25120138
SSL and TLS21301934
FortiOS Local Security Checks12190031
Peer-To-Peer File Sharing41141029
Windows : User management4511424
Citrix Xenserver Local Security Checks1380021
Useless services395118
Finger abuses653115
Port scanners10067
Brute force attacks31004
Auditing Features
  • scans all 65,535 ports of an IP for open ports and possible trojans
  • examines your system with the full suite of 56160 vulnerability tests, with new tests added on a weekly basis,
  • provides a security seal to place on your web site SAMPLE: SecuritySpace Audited Web Site
  • ability to specify more than 80 different parameters controlling different aspects of an audit, such as selecting ports to be scanned, skipping inactive systems, specifying both Windows and Unix logins to allow for "local" security checks, etc.
  • can exclude tests in the Denial of Service category
  • can schedule audits to be launched automatically
Extended Auditing Features
(for Monthly/Yearly Subscriptions)
  • can run unlimited number of audits, to allow for repeat audits after fixing vulnerabilities, or when new tests are added (~20 new tests/month)
  • can audit unlimited IPs (providing the IP is yours, or allocated for your own use)
  • can launch network-wide Single Vulnerability Audits, running individual vulnerability tests against up to 256 IPs in a single request (great for testing networks for specific vulnerabilities)
  • can run 2 audits simultaneously, with options to to purchase additional channels for running concurrent audits.
  • provide detailed and comprehensive information on vulnerabilities and open ports found, along with the steps on how to fix them
  • include a complete list of vulnerability tests executed during the audit, ordered by severity and categories
  • include CVE identifiers and references to over 10,000 on-line resources and advisories
  • prioritize vulnerabilities found by severity and category
  • ability to add your own notes, using reports as a working document
  • monthly/yearly subscribers able to merge multiple reports into a single report, for comparison or summary

Description Price Audit Times
(64 IP Network)
1 Advanced Audit (one IP1 addr) $79 N/A
Advanced Audits on unlimited IPs1
(2 Channels allows for auditing 2 IP addresses simultaneously)
Approx. 7 days
HighSpeed Advanced+ Audits on unlimited IPs1
(25 Channels allows for auditing 25 IP addresses simultaneously)
Approx. 15 hours
For high volume, high speed audits of large networks dedicated leased servers
1IP addresses must be assigned to you or your organization
All prices are quoted in US Dollars. For currency conversions, try http://www.xe.net/ucc/

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Other info

  • To compare features of other audits, see comparison chart
  • It typically takes between 2-5 hours to run an advanced audit. In certain circumstances (variable response times on network connections, firewalled hosts) audit times can run up to 10 hours.

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