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ID # Risk Test Title mod_rewrite buffer overflow mod_status XSS 2.2.6 source disclosure < 2.2.7 mod_proxy_balance vulnerabilities domain name request Mail Server Pro POP3 Information Disclosure Server Terminal Authentication Vulnerability SilverNews installed Reflection SSH Server Vulnerabilities Pro POP3 User Enumeration Remote Buffer Overflow Vulnerability Authorization Buffer Overflow Vulnerability CMS default admin login Guestbook PRO default admin login Guestbook Multiple vulnerabilities Cross Site Scripting vulnerability the version of MyWebServer Server Information Disclosure accuracy checker (via daytime protocol) accuracy checker (via ICMP timestamp) timestamp request Password Changer Unauthorized Access Remote Access Control Bypass Admin Password Disclosure HTML injection vulnerability default account login accuracy checker (via HTTP) Proxy Failed DNS Lookup Random Error Messages Prestige Router Configuration Reset Multiple Remote Vulnerabilities IRC Server Authentication Bypass Vulnerability Web Server Overflow POP3 server user account enumeration = 2.0.51 < 2.0.51 Archive File Filtering Bypass IRCd IP cloaking weakness Lexmark Printer AS Web Cache Multiple vulnerabilities null character unauthorized access mod_ssl denial of service < 2.2.4 Client Certificate Forging Vulnerability < 1.3.29 if IIS server allows BASIC and/or NTLM authentication < 2.0.48 < 1.3.28 < 2.0.47 of printers is available through CUPS Reverse DNS Lookup bypass leak Detection < 2.0.46 Username Identification Web Server Cross Site Scripting Certificates Spoofing Administrative Port < 2.0.46 on OS/2 Server hostname disclosure Chat Server Path Disclosure Chat Server ClearText Password Transmits Passwords in PlainText OpenSSH PAM timing attack directory traversal Router default password ProSafe Router password disclosure < 2.0.45 < 2.0.43 jetdirect vulnerabilities performance copilot password interception < 1.3.27 PABX 4400 detection 6.2 inetd DSL router one char login Messenging Server User List PingPong attack Memory Content Disclosure Alcatel ADSL Modem Camera Default Password Management Agent leaks info Cayman DSL router password control denial Chorusing HP LaserJet /ncl_items.html LaserJet direct print LaserJet display hack 675 passwordless router

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