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ID # Risk Test Title Client Version Detection Version Detection Portmapper Service Detection (UDP) Server Detection enabled (Local Windows Check) Client Detection Server Detection Inventory Remote Version Detection Version Detection Version Detection Detection Altiris Notification Server Version Detection Detection Server Detection Job Language (PJL) Detection domain name request server does not accept any command server accepts a bad sequence of commands FTP server accepts any command Enabled Search & Destroy Detection Enterprise Application Server Management Console detection database Server service detection service detection Detection (unknown) with nmap Webmail detection Forums detection NetRisk installed FlexBB installed detection MyCalendar installed Dating Script Multiple SQL Injection Vulnerabilities IceWarp Web Mail installed BosDates installed CMSimple installed Typo3 installed Contenido installed BLOG:CMS installed Nucleus CMS installed Internet Mail Server Admin Port Detection detection CSNews Multiple Vulnerabilities SQL Injection Vulnerability detection phpWebThings installed File Manager detection W-Agora installed ByteHoard installed Lucid CMS installed SEO-Board installed Detection Cutenews Installed CMS detection FlatNuke installed Gravity Board X installed SysCP installed CMS Made Simple installed WebGUI installed YaBB installed Help Center Live installed Burning Board installed Wordpress installed Serendipity installed the version of Koobi-CMS running on host Photo Gallery detect SurgeFTP Server RunCMS Content Management System the version of CommuniGate Pro Mail Server the version of CommuniGate Pro Mail Server Comersus shopping cart ProFTPD Server detect the version of Argosoft Mail Server the version of PHP-Fusion running on host ArGoSoft FTP Server helpdesk detection shopping cart detect the version of IceCast existence of MySQL Server version of PostgreSQL Database the version of UBB.threads running on host the version of CoolForum running on host the version of e107 running on host detect the version of Invision Power Board running on host the version of ExBB running on host the version of phpBB running on host the version of SMF running on host the version of GeekLog running on host the version of RW::Download running on host the version of PBLang running on host the version of CubeCart running on host BiTBOARD installed detect detect detect vBulletin installed Detect the version of paNews running on host the version of Biz Mail Form running on host MythTV status port and version MythTV server ELOG installed the version of WebCalendar running on host the version of Kayako eSupport running on host the version of CitrusDB running on host ngIRCd installed the version of PHP running on host eXchange Protocol Detection Server Update Services detection ESX/GSX Server detection NG Agent Detection Web Server Detection (HTTP) server detection w/ DSM plugin detection security types SecureNet sensor detection SecureNet Provider Detection (HTTP) if the SMTP server accepts us detection slident and/or fake identd Server on UDP and TCP Alteration Monitor daemon (famd) Service Detection Winroute Firewall Admin Service Mailserver Admin Service Personal Firewall Admin Service Detection with 'GET' Request ASAP detection ProxySG Console Management Detection NetOp Products Detection (UDP) NetOp Products Detection (TCP) HTTP Traffic sent to SSL/TLS enabled Web Server protocols scan Detection (3 ASCII digit codes like FTP, SMTP, NNTP...) Protocol (ident) Service Detection Services Detection Transport Layer Security (DTLS) Detection IPS-Firewall Detection (TCP) Security Appliance Detection Debug Wire Protocol (JDWP) Service Detection mod_event_socket Service Detection Service Detection (UDP) NASd Detection RFC Interface Detection Web GUI Detection DIAG Service Detection Message Server Service Detection Ethernet Protocol (CSP) Detection Network Protocol (DNP3) Detection Interface Network Service (FINS) Detection (UDP) Interface Network Service (FINS) Detection (TCP) Detection Detection Detection Fox Service Detection Device Get SNMP Information Detection Data Management Protocol (NDMP) Detection Banner Broker Detection enabled (Remote Check) Agent Detection Detection Detection FSP Compatible Hosts STUN Server SIP Compatible Hosts (UDP) SIPd Status Server Detection vserver Detection HELLO detection detection (Border Gateway Protocol) Service Detection Agent Detection Server Detection detection File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) Detection (SSH) Client Authentication Detection detection Firewall Open Web Administration Server type and version Detection Detection Detection for ident Service Service Detection Smart Install Protocol Detection WWW server name Server Banner Detection banner of unknown services Detection with 'HELP' Request' Detection (HTTP) Detection Interchange Service Detection Service Detection list of all port mapper registered programs via RPC Service Detection Server Detection information on News server Scanner Server Detection Server Detection Service Allows Any Username for a Citrix server Detection (SSH) Detection (HTTP) Display Manager Control Protocol (XDMCP) Detection of the Day (qotd) Service Detection (UDP) of the Day (qotd) Service Detection (TCP) Service Detection (UDP) Service Detection (TCP) Detection from 'spontaneous' Banner Detection (Remote) Server Banner Enumeration Switch Discovery Protocol (NSDP) Detection Job Language (PJL) / Printer Command Language (PCL) Detection ossec-authd Service Detection Detection (wrapped) with nmap Service Detection (TCP) Service Detection FTP Login Detection Determination Reporting OS and Service Banner Reporting Remote Configuration Protocol Detection (TCP) Remote Configuration Protocol Detection (UDP) host as dead if going offline (failed ICMP ping) during scan - Phase 6 host as dead if going offline (failed ICMP ping) during scan - Phase 5 host as dead if going offline (failed ICMP ping) during scan - Phase 4 host as dead if going offline (failed ICMP ping) during scan - Phase 3 host as dead if going offline (failed ICMP ping) during scan - Phase 2 host as dead if going offline (failed ICMP ping) during scan - Phase 1 Detection with 'BINARY' Request Detection with 'SIP' Request Detection with 'JSON' Request Detection with '' Request Service Detection (UDP) Portmapper Service Detection (TCP) JServ Protocol (AJP) v1.3 Detection and MSRPC Services Enumeration Detection (UDP) SIP Compatible Hosts (TCP) Server Detection (TCP) TCP Server type and version CIS ports Viewer Detection (HTTP) Index Server Detection Service Detection FW Detection (HTTP) Detection (TCP) Firewall-1 Web Authentication Detection Firewall-1 Telnet Authentication Detection's SQL UDP Info Query Discovery Protocol Detection Management Protocol Detection IP / Apple Filing Protocol (AFP) Service Detection Detection Service Detection Point FireWall-1 (FW-1) SecureRemote (SecuRemote) Detection Detection AXFR Detection Symantec Messaging Gateway Version via SSH. Protocol Algorithms Supported Encryption Server Detection (LDAP) A840 Telemetry Gateway Detection (HTTP) A840 Telemetry Gateway Detection Log & Event Manager Web Interface Detection NSX Web Management Interface Detection NSX Version Detection (HTTP-API) Systems Access Control Systems Detection Detection client version client version Server Detection Details Detection Network Administration Protocol (HNAP) Detection Detection (TCP) Detection server detection Detection MAC Scan administrative port Detection Server and Protocol Version Detection CMS Detection Commerce Detection Timestamp Detection Detection Detection DHost Web Server Detection Networker Detection Detection Detection Detection Banner Reporting SWAT server port Server type and version Antivirus Update Detect ARCServe Backup Detection OS X Version modules list Messenger Detection Server type and version presence of PGPNet server and its version talkd server port and protocol version Server type and version NetBIOS to retrieve information from a SMB host Daemon Detection Server type and version Service Detection DNS server internal hostname disclosure detection ECMS Detection Detection Report Detection Detection Detection Detection Version Detection Detection Detection CVS pserver is running Detection Database Detection console Detection Agent Detection Webserver Detection pserver Detection IM Server Detection Protocol Versions Supported Detection Daemon Detection Proxy Server Detection Detection Service Detection Server Detection (UDP) Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) Detection Detection

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