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Free Reports

Research Reports

SecuritySpace provides the most comprehensive and detailed Internet Research Reports available on the web. Our data sets are available for licensing for a variety of research, marketing and other business needs, detailing everything from technology trends, market penetration rates, customer lists, and more.

Constantly crawling the entire web (see methodology), we have obtained a wealth of publicly available information available for you to customize your own research reports, using our browsing tools to access our enormous amount of information to serve your needs.

Free Research Report Subscriptions
Each month we produce a number of free reports based on our survey data that are published on the 1st of each month. In addition, if you subscribe to any custom data mining, these data sets will also be available on a monthly basis, or whatever frequency you choose.

We have data dating back to June of 1998, with the accompanying reports, as noted by our archive.

Our reports are published free of charge. For pricing of any customized data mining (or for simple access to the raw data set), please contact us.

Customized Reports
Need to slice and dice the data in your own way? Contact us for costs on customized reports or data sets. Some examples of pre-built reports used in the past are available here, with many more options available.

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