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ID # Risk Test Title DXi Remote 'root' Authentication Bypass Vulnerability for Backdoor in UnrealIRCd Objectserver vuln WebMail v5 multiple flaws /bin/login buffer overflow (telnet) overflow rpc.passwd overflow overflow < 3.8.6 / 3.10.x < 3.10.5 Multiple Vulnerabilities Java Web Start Remote Command Execution Vulnerability (Linux) Local File Include Vulnerability Multiple File Include Vulnerabilities IMAP Server Remote Format String Vulnerability Remote Arbitrary File Upload and Execution Remote Format String Vulnerability Photo Gallery < 1.3.4 EXIF Script Insertion Photo Gallery PHP Code Injection Photo Gallery Multiple Input Validation Errors Remote Arbitrary File Upload and Execution Multiple Remote Vulnerabilities sql.php command execution Remote Code Execution(2) XSL Parser Multiple Vulnerabilities HTTP Header Buffer Overflow Vulnerability print_client() Format String Vulnerability Remote Buffer Overflow Vulnerability AVLLib Buffer Overflow Vulnerability on win32 locally exploitable buffer overflow mysqlbug/mysqld_multi priviledge escalation Multiple flaws (4) Mysqlhotcopy Insecure Temp File Vulnerability mysql_real_connect() buffer overflow Password Bypass Vulnerability Password Length Buffer Overflow Vulnerability Password Bypass Vulnerability Double Free Heap Corruption Vulnerability Multiple Flaws(2) Multiple Flaws Password Handler Buffer Overflow Vulnerability Bounded Parameter Buffer Overflow Multiple Flaws(2) to_ascii() overflow Multiple Flaws Insecure Temporary File Creation Vulnerability Misc.PHP Arbitrary PHP Script Code Execution imapd multiple vulnerabilities remote format string vulnerability Data validation errors multiple remote vulnerabilities Mailserver/Messaging version <= 5.0 IMAP Overflow Vulnerability SMTP Server 'RCPT TO' buffer overflow vulnerability Key Exchange Buffer Overflow! <= 4.0.0 rc4 Arbitrary File Upload Flaw Secure FTP Server User Input Overflow small overflow webserver buffer overflow overflow WebStar Tomcat Plugin Remote Buffer Overflow flaw Multiple Overflows License Service Multiple Vulnerabilities USER overflow password overflow message headers overflow < 1.1.23 Multiple Vulnerabilities Format String Attack Format String Vulnerability Radius Remote Buffer Overflow Vulnerability Mail Remote IMAP Stack Buffer Overflow Vulnerability IMAPD Multiple Remote Vulnerabilities Logging Function Overflow IMail Server Delete Command Buffer Overflow string on HTTP header value string on HTTP header name string on URI remote command execution directory traversal flaw auth_pam format string vulnerability WebMail Arbitrary Command Execution Multiple Vulnerabilities insecure temporary file creation MailServer < 6.0.3 JRun Multiple Vulnerabilities DBS_SCHEDULER vulnerability Library SSLv2 Challenge Overflow buffer overflow CFServD transaction packet buffer overrun vulnerability format string vulnerability MailServer < 6.0.1 path sanitation vulnerability Ink Printers RCE Vulnerabilities (Faxploit) Data Logger Appliances and Electricity Meters Multiple Vulnerabilities FortiGate ZebOS routing remote shell service enabled (FG-IR-15-020) Username overflow WebMail Arbitrary Command Execution Remote NTLM auth buffer overflow SSL_Util_UUEncode_Binary Overflow IMAP remote overflows SSH Password Authentication Policy Evasion SOAP denial timezone overflow Authentication Bypass vulnerability abook_dbname buffer overflow 0.1.4 buffer overflow overflow via invalid certificate passing Perl CGI overflow overflow RPC Interface Buffer Overrun (823980) string on HTTP method name WebMail v5 multiple flaws multiple overflows WinMail Format string multiple buffer overflows overflow against HTTP proxy Naval Overflow command execution RealServer Buffer Overrun IMAP overflows (2) IMAP overflows IMAP CREATE overflow LINK overflow overflow / format string bug POST with too much data overflow format string vulnerability packet overflow Application Server Buffer Overflow Passwordless Login Qvsnprintf buffer overflow Client Unauthorized Remote Forwarding 1 Version 1.5 Session Key Retrieval SSH Daemon Logging Failure Secure-RPC Weak Encrypted Authentication File Create/Overwrite Domino Vulnerabilities : Buffer overflow in Profile Service overflow Printers Insufficient DLL Signature Validation Pagewide and OfficeJet Printers RCE Vulnerability Printers RCE Vulnerability (CVE-2017-2750) Remote Admin Exploit long OPTIONS parameter < 2.0.44 DOS device name vulnerabilities in CUPS remote command execution IMAP pre-login buffer overflow Multiple Vulns negative Content-Length buffer overflow too long URL username overflow overflow exploitation format string HTTP headers overflows 1.1 header overflow 1.0 header overflow hostname overflow Overflow WorldView Wnn Overflow gateway insecure telnet proxy index.cgi overflow too long URL header overflow Cookie overflow format string User-Agent overflow version number overflow overflow (generic test) chunked encoding overflow in the BODY command 3 AllowedAuthentication AFS/Kerberos ticket/token passing buffer overflow overflows overflow Channel Code Off by 1 Command Execution Vulnerability Debug Bridge (ADB) Accessible Without Authentication Remote Server Mode RCE Vulnerability (HTTP) Remote Server Mode RCE Vulnerability (Telnet) UseLogin Environment Variables Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability format string format string attack (2) < 3.0.1 MS-RPC Remote Shell Command Execution Vulnerability (Version Check) MS-RPC Remote Shell Command Execution Vulnerability (Active Check) Ruby (dRuby/DRb) Multiple Remote Code Execution Vulnerabilities format string attack 2.5.x -> 2.9.x adv.option Devices Authentication Bypass Vulnerability in.telnetd buffer overflow 3.0.0 remote execution FrontPage DoS II overflow IIS 5.0 Malformed HTTP Printer Request Header Buffer Overflow Vulnerability buffer overflow after logon 2.3.1 authentication bypass vulnerability imap buffer overflow after logon buffer overflow SSH Key Used shtml overflow Enterprise Manager - ConfigSync IP Rsync full file system access vulnerability CVE-2014-2927 malformed input F5 Networks Products - ConfigSync IP Rsync full file system access vulnerability CVE-2014-2927 - Active Check Kerberos issue Management Agent overflow euidl problem overflow Enterprise VA 7.5.2 Static SSH Key on finger output buffer overflow after logon Remote Code Execution Vulnerability Backdoor: Ingreslock F5 Networks Products - SSH vulnerability CVE-2012-1493 Compromised Source Packages Backdoor Vulnerability WAP610N Unauthenticated Root Access Security Vulnerability Overflow Insertion Attack LIST buffer overflow Enterprise 'Accept' buffer overflow buffer overflow with null username Backdoor Unauthorized Access Vulnerability buffer overflow

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