Confidentiality Statement

Our Commitment to Your Privacy
E-Soft, the publishers of SecuritySpace, values its customers and understands the importance of privacy and confidentiality of information found during the course of an audit.

Our site wide privacy statement governs how we deal with general information that we may be receiving from you during the course of a visit to our site.

In addition to the above privacy statement, the following statements deal with our security audits.

E-Soft shall at all times during and after the audit keep confidential and not divulge to anyone, other than authorized employees and representatives of E-Soft and the Customer, any confidential information that has been provided to E-Soft for the purposes of performing the audit.

E-Soft agrees to keep confidential the details of any and all vulnerabilities discovered during the course of the audit it performs for the Customer. It is agreed that these details cannot be released to third parties by E-Soft unless the prior, written authorization is obtained from the Customer. The Customer is free to utilize these details for any purpose permitted by law.

Audit reports are made accessible to the customer via a secure login mechanism on E-Soft's web sites. The customer is responsible for ensuring that they do not divulge their userid or password to any unauthorized individuals, and for choosing sufficiently secure userid-password combinations.

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