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ID # Risk Test Title Products Security Bypass Vulnerability (Linux) Products Malware Detection Bypass Vulnerability (Windows) Detection Chrome MEGA Extension Trojan - Mac OS X Chrome MEGA Extension Trojan - Linux Chrome MEGA Extension Trojan (Windows) Malware Vulnerability Mar16 (Windows) Debian Linux Rootkit with nginx Doing iFrame Injection bot detection Server on non standard port worm detection backdoor TCP:0 Open Virus Detection Virus Backdoor 'bash' account worm infection defender finder Server Detection bot ident server detection Server Detection is running `minergate-cli` Container Trojan Detection HTTP Server 'mod_rootme' Backdoor Worm Detection worm detection backdoor detection Sensor Detection detection Detection worm web backdoor COBRA Trojan 'Volgmer' Detection Parasite Mothership Detect OmniSwitch 7700/7800 switches backdoor horses worm detection Internet Information Services (IIS) Possible Compromise Ransomware Detection (HTTP) Android Spyware Detection Web Application Detection (HTTP) Server compromised by 'RedisWannaMine' Attack JavaScript Miner Detection / Cleaver Malicious Scheduled Task Detection for Nimda Worm infected HTML files Kwampirs Trojan Detection version X detection Backdoor Trojan Horses infected with malware Backdoor Detection the Virus

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