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Category: JunOS Local Security Checks

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ID # Risk Test Title CVE-2004-0468 CVE-2009-3485 MPLS DoS Vulnerability libgd Heap Overflow Vulnerabiliy Space OpenSSL Security Updates DoS Vulnerability Multiple OpenSSL Vulnerabilities RPD DoS Vulnerability Privilege Escalation Vulnerability SRX Series: DHCP DoS Vulnerability SRX Series: MACsec Failure Vulnerability SRX Series: Hardcoded Credentials Vulnerability Sockets Library Buffer Overflow Vulnerability SNMPD RCE Vulnerability MS-MPC or MS-MIC DoS Vulnerability EX Series DoS Vulnerability Multiple NTP Vulnerabilities LDP DoS Vulnerability BGP UPDATE DoS Vulnerability ICMPv6 DoS Vulnerability Buffer Overflow Vulnerability PFE DoS Vulnerabilities Multiple BIND Vulnerabilities Space Multiple Vulnerabilities RPD DoS Vulnerability QFX Series: Information Disclosure Vulnerability RPD DoS Vulnerability jdhcpd DoS Vulnerability SRX Series: DoS Vulnerability in flowd Multiple OpenSSL Vulnerabilities Multiple OpenSSL Vulnerabilities Multiple OpenSSL Vulnerabilities Multiple OpenSSL Vulnerabilities vMX Information Leak Vulnerability Multiple Privilege Escalation Vulnerabilities J-Web XSS Vulnerability IPv6 DoS Vulnerability Space Multiple Vulnerabilities SRX-Series ALGs DoS Vulnerability UDP Kernel Crash Vulnerability libc Vulnerability Certification Validation Vulnerability J-Web Privilege Escalation Vulnerability mbuf Leak Vulnerability SRX Series: Possible Unauthenticated Root Login Vulnerability Kernel Crash With Crafted ICMP Packet Vulnerability QFX Series: PFE DoS Vulnerability QFX Series: Insufficient Entropy Vulnerability Multiple cURL and libcurl Vulnerabilities Multiple Privilege Escalation Vulnerabilies RPD BGP Update DoS Vulnerability TCP Timestamp DoS Vulnerability OpenSSH Information Leak and Buffer Overflow Vulnerability Embedthis Appweb Server DoS Vulnerability SRX RTSP DoS Vulnerability LDP DoS Vulnerability SRX and J-Series BIND DoS Vulnerability IGMPv3 Multicast DoS Vulnerability EX4300 Series Network Topology DoS Vulnerability Multiple OpenSSL Vulnerabilities TCP Reassembly DoS Vulnerability OpenSSH Restriction Bypass Vulnerability IPv6 mbuf Chain DoS Vulnerability vSRX DoS Vulnerability Trio Chipset DoS Vulnerability FTPS-Extensions Vulnerability Python Privilege Escalation Vulnerabilities Fail-Open Unauthenticated Root Access Vulnerability J-Web SRX5000-Series DoS Vulnerability SSH Denial of Service Vulnerability J-Web Multiple Vulnerabilities SRX NSD Denial of Service Vulnerability BFD Crash Vulnerability IPv6 sendd DoS Vulnerability RPD NULL Pointer Exception Vulnerability mbuf Denial of Service Vulnerability QFX5100/EX4600 Denial of Service Vulnerability Local Privilege Escalation Vulnerability Insufficient Entropy Vulnerability Bind Denial of Service Vulnerability Multiple Privilege Escalation Vulnerability Local Security Bypass Vulnerability J-Web Clickjacking Vulnerability XSS Vulnerability in Dynamic VPN SSLv3 POODLE Vulnerability OpenSSL Information Disclosure Vulnerability SSL Session Injection Vulnerability OpenSSL Denial of Service Vulnerability SSL/TLS MITM Vulnerability JPPPD Denial of Service Vulnerability OSPFv3 Denial of Service Vulnerability Multiple xml2 Vulnerabilities Privilege Escalation Vulnerability BGP FlowSpec Denial of Service Vulnerability Firewall Bypass Vulnerability Flowd Denial of Service Vulnerability BGP UPDATE Denial of Service Vulnerability RADIUS Uninteded Authentication Vulnerability FPC Denial of Service Vulnerability RSVP Denial of Service Vulnerability TCP Packet Processing Denial of Service Vulnerability NTP Server Amplification Denial of Service Vulnerability Web Authentication XSS Vulnerability RPD Denial of Service Vulnerability IPv6 to IPv4 Translating Denial of Service Vulnerability NAT Protocol Translation Denial of Service Vulnerability Multiple Privilege Escalation Vulnerabilities SIP ALG Denial of Service Vulnerability Exclusive Edit Mode Privilege Escalation Vulnerability RDP Crash Vulnerability J-Web Sajax Remote Code Execution Vulnerability Kernel Panic Denial of Service Vulnerability J-Web Persistent Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability Web Filtering Denial of Service Vulnerability Denial of Service Vulnerability for New Dynamic VPN Connections J-Web XSS Vulnerability PFE Denial of Service Vulnerability Space: Multiple Vulnerabilities in Junos Space Space: Multiple vulnerabilities resolved by third party software upgrades Vulnerabilities in Junos Space DoS Vulnerability in XNM Command Processor Multiple Privilege Escalation Vulnerabilities in Junos CLI Oversized BGP UPDATE DoS Vulnerability Denial of Service Vulnerability in Flow Daemon Denial of Service Vulnerability while Processing HTTP Traffic Stack Exhaustion Denial of Service Vulnerability Buffer Overflow when Processing HTTP Messages PIM Handling DoS Vulnerability OSPF Protocol Vulnerability flowd Buffer Overflow Vulnerability TCP Packet Handling Denial of Service Vulnerability Security Issue with Proxy ARP Enabled CSRF Protection Bypass Vulnerability in J-Web GNU libc GLOB_LIMIT DoS Vulnerability PIM Join Flooding Denial of Service Vulnerability DNSSEC validation Denial of Service

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