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ID # Risk Test Title SMTP Server Cyrus SASL Support Memory Corruption Vulnerability IMail Server STARTTLS Plaintext Command Injection Vulnerability ActiveX Control Multiple Buffer Overflow Vulnerabilities SMTP HELO Command Denial of Service Vulnerability Mail Relay Vulnerability GroupShield for Exchange X-Header Security Bypass Vulnerability IMAP Server Directory Traversal Vulnerability Internet Mail Server Multiple DoS Vulnerabilities SMTP Server RCPT TO DoS eMailServer Remote Format String Vulnerability SMTP Server Buffer Overflow SMTP Server < 5.17 Buffer Overflow the version of Infradig Inframail Mail Server Pro LIST DoS Vulnerability WIZ MailCarrier SMTP Buffer Overflow Vulnerability CMailServer Multiple Remote Vulnerabilities MDaemon Local Privilege Escalation Vulnerability Unspecified Vulnerability SMTP Vulnerability (885881) GNU/Linux Sendmail Default SASL Password ImageRUNNER Printer Email Printing MDaemon Multiple Buffer Overflows Multiple RCE Vulnerabilities Multiple Overflows remote overflows Parsing Vulnerabilities (SMTP check) XEXCH50 Remote Buffer Overflow relaying (thorough test) prescan() overflow Heap Overflow Multiple Vulnerabilities SMTP overflows SMTP Command HELO overflow SMTP overflows buffer overflow due to type conversion Forward File Privilege Escalation Vulnerability Parsing Redirection DOS mail.local DOS ETRN command DOS Group Permissions Vulnerability long debug local overflow Local Starvation and Overflow 8.7.*/8.8.* local overflow 8.8.8 to 8.12.7 Double Pipe Access Validation Vulnerability remote header buffer overflow SMTP Authorization bypass overflow too long line DNS Map TXT record overflow format strings debug mode leak queue manipulation & destruction custom configuration file & sendmail authentication problem SMTP EHLO Buffer Overrun IMail SMTP Buffer Overflow SMTP DoS < 4.90.1 RCE Vulnerability (Version Check) -bt option 8.11 local overflow Authentication Error Command Injection Vulnerability Information Disclosure Vulnerability overflow mime overflow Local Root / Privilege Escalation Vulnerability Domino SMTP overflow glibc Remote Heap Buffer Overflow Vulnerability (Exim) Overrun in ITHouse Mail Server v1.04 HELO overflow MAIL FROM overflow Vendors STARTTLS Implementation Plaintext Arbitrary Command Injection Vulnerability SMTP Authentication Bypass MTA 'HELO' denial Tronics InetServ SMTP Denial of Service Vulnerability SMTP 3.2 MAIL FROM overflow 8.6.9 ident mailing to programs overflow mailing to files's from piped program MTA 'HELO' denial redirection check 'decode' flaw DEBUG spam feature 'MESMTRPC.exe' SMTP Service Multiple Remote Denial of Service Vulnerabilities < 4.72 RC2 Multiple Vulnerabilities MDaemon SUBSCRIBE Remote Information Disclosure Vulnerability Windows SMTP Server DNS spoofing vulnerability SMTP Service and Exchange Routing Engine Buffer Overflow Vulnerability Windows SMTP Server MX Record Denial of Service Vulnerability 8.8.3 and 8.8.4 mime conversion overflow Milter Plugin 'mlfi_envrcpt()' Remote Arbitrary Command Injection Vulnerability Insecure Temporary File Creation Vulnerability Mail server MTA 'HELO' denial's MAIL FROM overflow NULL Character CA SSL Certificate Validation Security Bypass Vulnerability 'n Easy Mail Server SMTP Request Remote Denial Of Service Vulnerability relaying if Mailserver answer to VRFY and EXPN requests

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