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You are viewing an outdated report. The latest version of this report was published on September 1st, 2022

Websites by Area Code/Geographic Region
July 1st, 2011

The Website Distribution by Telephone Area Code Report details how sites are distributed based on the telephone numbers our crawlers find published on these sites. It is limited to sites with phone numbers matching the North American Numbering Plan (NANP), consisting of the format AAA-XXX-NNNN e.g, 1-800-799-4831 and (905) 304-6922.

The Geographic Region report presents a similar view, but with information keyed by geographic region (states, provinces, Carribean nations).

The last section details the penetration rate of various toll free and pay-per-call numbers.

Map View of U.S.1,2
The following map of the US shows population, number of web sites, and population to web site density. Click/roll over each state to see the relevant information.

Distribution by Area Code
Maryland: Pop. 5,458,137   WebSites: 25,540  Density (Pop/Site): 214 Massachusetts: Pop. 6,427,801   WebSites: 40,909  Density (Pop/Site): 157 Delaware: Pop. 807,385   WebSites: 4,153  Density (Pop/Site): 194 New Jersey: Pop. 8,590,300   WebSites: 44,299  Density (Pop/Site): 194 Connecticut: Pop. 3,460,503   WebSites: 18,803  Density (Pop/Site): 184 Rhode Island: Pop. 1,069,725   WebSites: 5,801  Density (Pop/Site): 184 Alaska: Pop. 643,786   WebSites: 5,142  Density (Pop/Site): 125 Hawaii: Pop. 1,244,898   WebSites: 9,098  Density (Pop/Site): 137 Maine: Pop. 1,294,464   WebSites: 8,735  Density (Pop/Site): 148 New York: Pop. 19,157,532   WebSites: 105,386  Density (Pop/Site): 182 New Hampshire: Pop. 1,275,056   WebSites: 10,016  Density (Pop/Site): 127 Vermont: Pop. 616,592   WebSites: 5,513  Density (Pop/Site): 112 Pennsylvania: Pop. 12,335,091   WebSites: 49,767  Density (Pop/Site): 248 Ohio: Pop. 11,421,267   WebSites: 42,242  Density (Pop/Site): 270 West Virginia: Pop. 1,801,873   WebSites: 5,007  Density (Pop/Site): 360 Virginia: Pop. 7,293,542   WebSites: 38,984  Density (Pop/Site): 187 North Carolina: Pop. 8,320,146   WebSites: 38,671  Density (Pop/Site): 215 South Carolina: Pop. 4,107,183   WebSites: 15,956  Density (Pop/Site): 257 Georgia: Pop. 8,560,310   WebSites: 38,484  Density (Pop/Site): 222 Florida: Pop. 16,713,149   WebSites: 105,894  Density (Pop/Site): 158 Indiana: Pop. 6,159,068   WebSites: 29,568  Density (Pop/Site): 208 Michigan: Pop. 10,050,446   WebSites: 44,312  Density (Pop/Site): 227 Wisconsin: Pop. 5,441,196   WebSites: 25,575  Density (Pop/Site): 213 Illinois: Pop. 12,600,620   WebSites: 63,491  Density (Pop/Site): 198 Kentucky: Pop. 4,092,891   WebSites: 14,774  Density (Pop/Site): 277 Tennessee: Pop. 5,797,289   WebSites: 24,575  Density (Pop/Site): 236 Alabama: Pop. 4,486,508   WebSites: 14,624  Density (Pop/Site): 307 Mississippi: Pop. 2,871,782   WebSites: 8,690  Density (Pop/Site): 330 Louisiana: Pop. 4,482,646   WebSites: 15,464  Density (Pop/Site): 290 Arkansas: Pop. 2,710,079   WebSites: 8,966  Density (Pop/Site): 302 Missouri: Pop. 5,672,579   WebSites: 24,684  Density (Pop/Site): 230 Iowa: Pop. 2,936,760   WebSites: 12,715  Density (Pop/Site): 231 Minnesota: Pop. 5,019,720   WebSites: 27,560  Density (Pop/Site): 182 North Dakota: Pop. 634,110   WebSites: 5,352  Density (Pop/Site): 118 South Dakota: Pop. 761,063   WebSites: 4,029  Density (Pop/Site): 189 Nebraska: Pop. 1,729,180   WebSites: 8,101  Density (Pop/Site): 213 Kansas: Pop. 2,715,884   WebSites: 12,469  Density (Pop/Site): 218 Oklahoma: Pop. 3,493,714   WebSites: 12,584  Density (Pop/Site): 278 Texas: Pop. 21,779,893   WebSites: 108,895  Density (Pop/Site): 200 Colorado: Pop. 4,506,542   WebSites: 31,709  Density (Pop/Site): 142 New Mexico: Pop. 1,855,059   WebSites: 8,722  Density (Pop/Site): 213 Arizona: Pop. 5,456,453   WebSites: 38,993  Density (Pop/Site): 140 Utah: Pop. 2,316,256   WebSites: 12,022  Density (Pop/Site): 193 Wyoming: Pop. 498,703   WebSites: 3,183  Density (Pop/Site): 157 Montana: Pop. 909,453   WebSites: 5,673  Density (Pop/Site): 160 Idaho: Pop. 1,341,131   WebSites: 8,528  Density (Pop/Site): 157 Nevada: Pop. 2,173,491   WebSites: 15,218  Density (Pop/Site): 143 California: Pop. 35,116,033   WebSites: 252,298  Density (Pop/Site): 139 Oregon: Pop. 3,521,515   WebSites: 21,643  Density (Pop/Site): 163 Washington: Pop. 6,068,996   WebSites: 44,506  Density (Pop/Site): 136

800Toll Free116,971  888Toll Free58,536  866Toll Free44,712
877Toll Free44,264  212New York23,985  310California19,176
202District of Columbia18,582  818California16,949  415California16,708
206Washington15,223  916California14,752  303Colorado13,969
703Virginia13,684  503Oregon13,644  408California12,976
480Arizona12,881  512Texas12,879  812Indiana12,483
954Florida12,162  305Florida12,140  905Ontario11,882
919North Carolina11,853  416Ontario11,829  714California11,739
847Illinois11,720  619California11,551  510California11,532
949California11,290  972Texas11,156  770Georgia11,070
602Arizona10,867  312Illinois10,829  718New York10,800
410Maryland10,783  617Massachusetts10,714  301Maryland10,658
650California10,530  215Pennsylvania10,513  760California10,339
702Nevada10,330  210Texas10,307  610Pennsylvania10,222
805California10,170  860Connecticut10,102  407Florida10,055
603New Hampshire10,016  773Illinois9,976  604British Columbia9,700
707California9,690  713Texas9,618  561Florida9,613
214Texas9,517  973New Jersey9,449  360Washington9,426
323California9,332  801Utah9,297  808Hawaii9,098
858California9,057  508Massachusetts8,986  404Georgia8,804
207Maine8,735  425Washington8,705  925California8,693
203Connecticut8,682  630Illinois8,650  208Idaho8,528
530California8,272  909California8,269  704North Carolina8,146
250British Columbia7,994  904Florida7,974  817Texas7,972
813Florida7,939  978Massachusetts7,934  541Oregon7,867
732New Jersey7,859  615Tennessee7,676  514Quebec7,606
248Michigan7,587  717Pennsylvania7,552  614Ohio7,546
516New York7,509  281Texas7,502  201New Jersey7,426
513Ohio7,385  403Alberta7,369  609New Jersey7,292
518New York7,266  613Ontario7,209  908New Jersey7,208
213California7,182  917New York7,133  970Colorado7,085
317Indiana7,032  781Massachusetts7,002  608Wisconsin6,945
804Virginia6,911  505New Mexico6,867  519Ontario6,861
520Arizona6,787  845New York6,724  843South Carolina6,707
626California6,672  850Florida6,651  402Nebraska6,642
540Virginia6,640  509Washington6,592  914New York6,570
719Colorado6,565  314Missouri6,546  562California6,415
727Florida6,376  631New York6,292  941Florida6,224
209California6,032  757Virginia5,976  816Missouri5,966
646New York5,904  734Michigan5,892  502Kentucky5,856
815Illinois5,832  401Rhode Island5,801  406Montana5,673
903Texas5,629  678Georgia5,625  661California5,576
405Oklahoma5,573  612Minnesota5,554  716New York5,539
802Vermont5,513  352Florida5,496  780Alberta5,419
701North Dakota5,352  651Minnesota5,350  315New York5,342
828North Carolina5,314  831California5,281  336North Carolina5,264
205Alabama5,257  706Georgia5,250  865Tennessee5,228
330Ohio5,209  803South Carolina5,204  918Oklahoma5,187
412Pennsylvania5,167  907Alaska5,142  504Louisiana5,032
304West Virginia5,007  920Wisconsin4,990  585New York4,959
413Massachusetts4,924  775Nevada4,888  414Wisconsin4,861
814Pennsylvania4,792  517Michigan4,740  313Michigan4,733
216Ohio4,684  928Arizona4,677  708Illinois4,660
937Ohio4,649  952Minnesota4,633  419Ohio4,615
239Florida4,601  217Illinois4,584  253Washington4,560
856New Jersey4,525  910North Carolina4,524  913Kansas4,508
262Wisconsin4,487  859Kentucky4,469  616Michigan4,428
901Tennessee4,399  902Nova Scotia4,321  573Missouri4,314
715Wisconsin4,292  440Ohio4,250  570Pennsylvania4,211
705Ontario4,186  724Pennsylvania4,185  302Delaware4,153
204Manitoba4,126  501Arkansas4,121  559California4,115
515Iowa4,108  720Colorado4,090  864South Carolina4,045
605South Dakota4,029  786Florida4,024  423Tennessee3,894
830Texas3,812  623Arizona3,781  785Kansas3,779
607New York3,744  256Alabama3,714  618Illinois3,688
740Ohio3,652  832Texas3,622  507Minnesota3,622
347New York3,619  321Florida3,532  636Missouri3,389
334Alabama3,384  912Georgia3,343  979Texas3,339
450Quebec3,323  763Minnesota3,289  434Virginia3,239
989Michigan3,198  306Saskatchewan3,190  307Wyoming3,183
417Missouri3,182  601Mississippi3,181  218Minnesota3,154
418Quebec3,110  231Michigan3,097  386Florida3,071
309Illinois3,048  662Mississippi3,046  915Texas3,031
252North Carolina3,022  319Iowa3,015  810Michigan2,985
225Louisiana2,958  229Georgia2,915  985Louisiana2,907
863Florida2,875  269Michigan2,865  765Indiana2,827
772Florida2,803  270Kentucky2,752  586Michigan2,711
956Texas2,694  435Utah2,686  574Indiana2,580
870Arkansas2,576  506New Brunswick2,529  316Kansas2,525
806Texas2,512  228Mississippi2,463  318Louisiana2,407
260Indiana2,397  712Iowa2,386  940Texas2,316
931Tennessee2,310  819Quebec2,270  479Arkansas2,269
251Alabama2,269  254Texas2,256  361Texas2,250
219Indiana2,249  337Louisiana2,160  936Texas2,140
906Michigan2,064  240Maryland2,029  443Maryland1,984
409Texas1,970  320Minnesota1,958  647Ontario1,922
787Puerto Rico1,874  575New Mexico1,855  580Oklahoma1,824
606Kentucky1,697  563Iowa1,696  267Pennsylvania1,681
620Kansas1,657  641Iowa1,510  478Georgia1,471
308Nebraska1,459  325Texas1,402  571Virginia1,394
484Pennsylvania1,365  432Texas1,356  469Texas1,324
660Missouri1,277  709Newfoundland1,228  276Virginia1,140
731Tennessee1,068  807Ontario989  809Dominican Republic899
876Jamaica779  778British Columbia776  867NT635
868Trinidad & Tobago585  340U.S.V.I561  242Bahamas552
246Barbados462  774Massachusetts455  224Illinois438
351Massachusetts402  857Massachusetts392  664Montserrat373
980North Carolina365  754Florida358  671Guam322
441Bermuda288  345Cayman Islands279  682Texas275
289Ontario260  848New Jersey244  649Turks & Caicos230
268Antigua/Barbuda218  473Grenada196  984North Carolina183
862New Jersey175  284B.V.I.174  670C.N.M.I170
758St. Lucia134  961Oregon132  234Ohio124
551New Jersey121  869St. Kitts & Nevis114  567Ohio110
339Massachusetts100  264Anguilla98  939Puerto Rico89
667Maryland86  767Dominica83  784St. Vincent73
878Pennsylvania54  385Utah39  331Illinois37
835Pennsylvania15  872Illinois15  464Illinois14
959Connecticut13  430Texas13  947Michigan12
380Ohio11  445Pennsylvania10  975Missouri7
283Ohio7  470Georgia6  475Connecticut6
557Missouri3  737Texas3 

Distribution by Geographic Region1,2
The following table takes the various area codes within each region (area codes do NOT cross state/country boundaries) and aggregates them together to create a geographic region view. Within each geographic region, the table illustrates the population density per web site within the region.

Dominican Republic9,332  Jamaica3,405  Trinidad & Tobago2,211
Puerto Rico2,038  St. Vincent1,651  St. Lucia1,149
Dominica782  Barbados582  Bahamas546
Grenada495  Guam488  C.N.M.I471
Quebec457  Newfoundland433  West Virginia360
St. Kitts & Nevis341  Mississippi330  Saskatchewan317
Antigua/Barbuda309  Alabama307  Arkansas302
New Brunswick299  Louisiana290  Manitoba279
Oklahoma278  Kentucky277  Ohio270
Ontario267  South Carolina257  Pennsylvania248
Alberta243  Tennessee236  Iowa231
Missouri230  Michigan227  British Columbia224
Georgia222  Bermuda220  Nova Scotia219
Kansas218  North Carolina215  Maryland214
Nebraska213  Wisconsin213  New Mexico213
U.S.V.I210  Indiana208  Texas200
Illinois198  Delaware194  New Jersey194
Utah193  South Dakota189  Virginia187
Rhode Island184  Connecticut184  Minnesota182
New York182  Oregon163  Montana160
Florida158  Idaho157  Massachusetts157
Wyoming157  Maine148  Cayman Islands143
Nevada143  Colorado142  Arizona140
California139  Hawaii137  Washington136
New Hampshire127  Alaska125  North Dakota118
Anguilla118  Vermont112  B.V.I.81
Turks & Caicos71  Montserrat34  District of Columbia31

Toll Free Accessibility and Pay-Per-Call (900) Numbers
Toll free numbers consist of numbers with the following area codes: 800, 888, 877 and 866.

Toll Free Code and Pay-Per-CallSite Count% of Sites with Tel #'s
Any Toll Free264,48325.94%
Pay Per Call1110.01%

When viewing this report, please note that our crawlers only visit the servers that we know of (see our Market Share report), and of these sites, we find a number of the above format on roughly 1 in every 20 sites.

The July 1st, 2011 report is based on data collected by our crawlers that visited 20,106,263 sites in the past 6 months. Of these sites, 1,019,488 contained phone numbers in the NANP format.

1Census figures for the U.S.:
 Table ST-2002EST-01 - State Population Estimates: April 1, 2000 to July 1, 2002
 Source: Population Division, U.S. Census Bureau
 Release Date: December 20, 2002

2Census figures for Canada.:
 Statistics Canada

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