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You are viewing an outdated report. The latest version of this report was published on January 1st, 2023

Web Server by IP Address - Server Report - Fujitsu-InfoProvider-Pro
October 1st, 2007

Fujitsu-InfoProvider-Pro Server by IP Historical Market Share Graph

Date Count % Share % Growth
Sep 20071740.011.98
Aug 20071690.011.24
Jul 20071670.01N/A
Jun 200700.00-100.00
May 20071620.01-0.69
Apr 20071620.01N/A
Jul 200500.00-100.00
Jun 20051400.01N/A
Apr 200500.00-100.00
Mar 20051410.01N/A
Feb 200500.00-100.00
Jan 20051410.01-3.21
Dec 20041440.012.64
Nov 20041380.01-4.62
Oct 20041430.01N/A
Aug 200400.00-100.00
Jul 20041390.01N/A
Jan 200400.00-100.00
Dec 20031350.01N/A
Nov 200300.00-100.00
Oct 20031330.011.63
Sep 20031290.010.45
Aug 20031260.01N/A
Jun 200300.00-100.00
May 20031250.012.25
Apr 20031200.01-0.20
Mar 20031190.010.66
Feb 20031150.012.26
Jan 20031100.01N/A
Nov 200200.00-100.00
Oct 20021060.014.17
Sep 20021000.01-2.37
Aug 20021020.01N/A

Note: Readers are cautioned that the Growth percentages are based on a server's market share penetration rather than the absolute number of servers we detected. Thus, it is possible for the number of server to increase, while the growth is actually a negative value.

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