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Affiliate Program

The Services
The Benefits
  • enrich your web content and increase your traffic,
  • generate revenue, minimum 35%, via sales commissions,
  • allow 24x7 monitoring of your account for user traffic and earnings,
  • require no cost to your operational overhead, since we will manage all service delivery and fulfillment activities,
  • and, the sign-up process is free and simple.

How It Works
Your website will have a SecuritySpace logo or graphics promoting and linking to one or more of our services on our site. Any user clicking on the link will come to our site, www.SecuritySpace.com. We will track the user's activity based on your affiliate code. Once a user has created an account for themselves, any purchase that the user makes through that account will generate a minimum of a 35% referral fee back to you, regardless of what path they use to visit our site. You will continue to receive credit for purchases made by the customer for a minimum of 1 year, and longer if the customer makes purchases at least once a year.

How to Sign Up
If you have a website, you can sign up our affiliate program as follows:

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