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Category:Web Servers
Title:Eclipse Jetty Vulnerability - CVE-2019-17638 (Linux)
Summary:Eclipse Jetty is prone to a vulnerability where sensitive information about; clients could be obtained.
Eclipse Jetty is prone to a vulnerability where sensitive information about
clients could be obtained.

Vulnerability Insight:
In case of too large response headers, Jetty throws an exception to produce
an HTTP 431 error. When this happens, the ByteBuffer containing the HTTP response headers is released back to
the ByteBufferPool twice. Because of this double release, two threads can acquire the same ByteBuffer from the
pool and while thread1 is about to use the ByteBuffer to write response1 data, thread2 fills the ByteBuffer
with response2 data. Thread1 then proceeds to write the buffer that now contains response2 data. This results
in client1, which issued request1 and expects responses, to see response2 which could contain sensitive data
belonging to client2 (HTTP session ids, authentication credentials, etc.).

Affected Software/OS:
Eclipse Jetty version 9.4.27.v20200227 to 9.4.29.v20200521.

No known solution is available as of 15th July, 2020.
Information regarding this issue will be updated once solution details are available.

CVSS Score:

CVSS Vector:

Cross-Ref: Common Vulnerability Exposure (CVE) ID: CVE-2019-17638
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