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You are viewing an outdated report. The latest version of this report was published on September 1st, 2022

Web Bug Traffic Count Report
March 1st, 2022

Understanding The Report
The table in this report illustrates the top 100 web sites that are benefiting from web bugs. This is based on a sample of 71725457 pages retrieved from 4434118 different sites.

The reader should note the following

  • Domain: We track the domain doing the bugging, not the site. In this way, if sites A and sites B had, as an example, images served from banner ad servers called and, the domain will be credited with having bugged two different sites.

  • Relative Traffic Weight: This is a cumulative sum of the weight of each bugged site. The weight of a bugged site originates from our referral report, and is a measure of how authorative a site is, based on the number of other sites that link to it. The idea is that the more authorative a site is, the more traffic it has. By calculating the cumulative sum of weights, we come much closer to ranking "buggers" by the amount of traffic they have bugged. This should have the effect of elevating the rank of buggers that focus on high traffic sites.

  • Type of Bugs: In this column, we list all the different tag types that were found referencing the specified domain. The percentage represents the number of bugged sites that use the specified tag. Since a single site may use multiple tags, these percentages can and often do exceed 100%.

DomainRelative Traffic WeightTypes of Bugs
netlbtu.com183606 img[100.0%]
11aa555.com183396 script[100.0%] script[100.0%]
lbbf9.com79935 img[100.0%]
404.safedog.cn65213 iframe[100.0%], script[99.6%]
google.com54358 IFRAME[0.1%], IMG[1.1%], SCRIPT[0.1%], embed[0.7%], iframe[19.8%], img[11.7%], script[73.7%], scriptx[0.2%]
googleapis.com48837 img[0.8%], script[99.1%]
googlecode.com39201 script[99.8%]
baidu.com37961 IFRAME[0.6%], IMG[0.1%], SCRIPT[0.4%], iframe[4.8%], img[10.9%], script[86.5%]
xvideos.com36429 iframe[98.6%], img[1.4%]
xh.video34483 iframe[100.0%]
youtube.com34050 EMBED[0.4%], IFRAME[0.6%], embed[33.0%], iframe[66.3%], img[7.7%], script[1.0%]
gravatar.com30516 img[94.5%], script[7.4%]
qq.com29695 IMG[0.8%], SCRIPT[0.1%], embed[1.3%], iframe[1.4%], img[76.6%], script[21.9%]
jquery.com22628 script[99.9%]
googlesyndication.com16859 SCRIPT[0.9%], iframe[0.1%], img[1.3%], script[97.8%]
facebook.com16708 IFRAME[0.4%], IMG[0.1%], embed[0.5%], iframe[84.7%], img[12.1%], script[3.6%]
google-analytics.com16423 SCRIPT[0.6%], img[0.3%], script[99.1%]
cnzz.com13327 SCRIPT[1.2%], img[2.5%], script[97.3%]
addthis.com12324 SCRIPT[0.2%], iframe[0.2%], img[36.5%], script[92.7%]
west263.com9841 img[99.9%]
yandex.ru8760 IMG[0.3%], SCRIPT[0.1%], embed[1.0%], iframe[1.4%], img[41.0%], script[65.5%]
twitter.com8316 SCRIPT[0.3%], embed[0.7%], iframe[6.4%], img[0.3%], script[92.8%]
js.users.51.la7575 SCRIPT[1.7%], s[0.1%], script[98.3%]
rambler.ru6275 IMG[0.4%], img[98.2%], script[63.3%]
parkingcrew.net6237 img[0.1%], script[100.0%]
sharethis.com6010 img[0.3%], script[99.6%], scriptx[0.2%]
facebook.net5878 SCRIPT[0.1%], script[99.7%]
youku.com5755 EMBED[1.7%], IFRAME[0.5%], embed[50.6%], iframe[49.5%], img[0.1%], script[0.9%], source[0.1%], video[0.2%]
adobe.com5357 IMG[0.6%], embed[0.3%], iframe[0.2%], img[98.4%], script[0.5%]
yadro.ru5254 img[99.9%]
baidustatic.com5217 img[0.3%], script[99.7%]
static.bshare.cn5118 SCRIPT[2.7%], Script[0.1%], iframe[2.2%], img[0.2%], script[97.7%]
statcounter.com5105 IMG[0.6%], SCRIPT[0.8%], img[93.5%], script[72.1%]
blogspot.com5017 8000[0.1%], FRAME[1.4%], IMG[0.5%], frame[7.7%], iframe[2.2%], img[87.9%], input[0.3%], script[0.2%]
jiathis.com4955 img[1.7%], script[99.4%]
img.users.51.la4861 IMG[2.1%], img[97.9%]
vimeo.com4724 EMBED[0.1%], IFRAME[0.5%], embed[14.2%], iframe[87.4%], img[0.1%], script[1.1%], source[0.8%], video[0.2%]
mail.ru4407 IMG[0.5%], embed[0.6%], iframe[0.4%], img[88.7%], script[11.2%]
ad-stir.com4144 script[100.0%]
assets.lolipop.jp4139 img[100.0%]
n.sinaimg.cn4044 IMG[0.4%], img[99.5%], script[0.9%]
images.b2b.biz4027 img[100.0%]
cloudflare.com3942 img[0.2%], script[99.7%]
searchvity.com3618 FRAME[8.5%], iframe[91.5%]
yifajingren.com3521 iframe[0.3%], img[100.0%]
www.3307 IMG[0.5%], iframe[1.0%], img[75.1%], input[0.1%], meta[0.1%], script[22.8%], source[0.4%]
amazonaws.com3249 IMG[0.8%], audio[0.2%], embed[1.0%], frame[0.1%], iframe[0.5%], img[73.0%], input[0.9%], script[25.8%], source[1.8%], video[0.2%]
wp.com3217 IMG[0.1%], iframe[4.5%], img[41.2%], script[73.6%] IFRAME[2.0%], IMG[0.1%], SCRIPT[0.2%], iframe[87.9%], img[2.7%], script[7.6%]
w3.org3140 IMG[0.8%], body[2.6%], img[96.3%], style[0.4%]
www.4.cn2980 img[100.0%]
wordpress.com2948 FRAME[2.6%], IFRAME[0.2%], IMG[0.4%], embed[0.2%], frame[9.5%], iframe[9.6%], im[0.1%], img[54.0%], script[25.7%]
googleadservices.com2943 IMG[0.1%], SCRIPT[0.2%], img[34.7%], script[96.6%]
explorefreeresults.com2939 script[100.0%]
alicdn.com2852 IMG[1.8%], Img[0.3%], div[0.1%], embed[0.3%], iframe[0.1%], img[94.2%], script[2.9%], source[0.6%]
cdn-image.com2845 img[48.9%], input[2.1%], script[100.0%]
imgur.com2825 IMG[0.3%], div[0.3%], iframe[0.2%], img[99.4%], input[0.1%]
ie6countdown.com2773 img[100.0%]
www.22.cn2762 img[51.8%], script[48.2%]
twimg.com2696 IMG[0.1%], SCRIPT[0.4%], image[0.1%], img[19.0%], script[80.6%]
sohu.com2662 IMG[0.9%], SCRIPT[0.2%], embed[4.5%], iframe[0.9%], img[17.7%], script[75.9%], span[0.2%]
bdimg.com2642 IMG[0.1%], img[32.3%], script[67.8%]
businesscatalyst.com2502 img[0.2%], script[99.8%]
photobucket.com2477 EMBED[0.2%], IMG[5.0%], embed[4.3%], iframe[0.8%], im[0.2%], img[94.4%], input[0.6%], textarea[0.1%]
flickr.com2413 IMG[1.1%], embed[11.4%], frame[0.1%], iframe[4.4%], img[69.0%], script[20.8%]
fbcdn.net2318 IMG[0.6%], SCRIPT[0.2%], image[0.1%], img[34.7%], script[64.7%]
sav.com2083 img[100.0%]
iyfubh.com2061 iframe[100.0%]
fc2.com2041 FRAME[0.4%], IFRAME[0.1%], IMG[2.5%], SCRIPT[3.1%], embed[0.2%], frame[0.5%], iframe[1.5%], img[59.9%], input[0.5%], s[3.8%], script[68.0%]
yimg.com2038 IMG[1.6%], INPUT[0.1%], SCRIPT[0.2%], embed[1.4%], iframe[0.4%], img[82.3%], input[4.5%], script[11.6%]
53kf.com2002 SCRIPT[0.1%], iframe[0.2%], script[99.6%]
amazon-adsystem.com1965 IFRAME[0.4%], IMG[0.2%], SCRIPT[8.7%], embed[0.6%], iframe[47.8%], img[47.8%], script[11.1%]
extreme-dm.com1951 IMG[1.8%], img[95.8%], script[3.2%]
dcs.conac.cn1931 IMG[0.1%], SCRIPT[0.4%], img[6.7%], script[93.7%]
list.ru1916 IMG[7.2%], img[93.0%]
54kefu.net1869 SCRIPT[0.4%], img[1.3%], script[98.9%]
07551.com1857 frame[0.1%], img[99.9%], script[0.2%]
toplist.cz1839 IMG[2.0%], ilayer[0.1%], img[97.9%]
amazon.com1837 FRAME[0.2%], IFRAME[1.3%], IMG[3.2%], INPUT[0.2%], SCRIPT[5.7%], embed[7.4%], frame[0.4%], iframe[49.2%], img[42.8%], input[3.2%], script[3.7%]
stonebuy.com1807 iframe[1.6%], img[4.2%], script[100.0%]
aliyuncs.com1754 1d0[0.1%], IMG[0.3%], Img[0.2%], embed[0.2%], iframe[0.4%], im[0.1%], image[3.8%], img[93.3%], script[5.6%], source[2.5%], video[2.9%] img[100.0%]
ytimg.com1724 IMG[0.5%], embed[0.4%], im[0.1%], img[98.8%], source[0.2%]
yahoo.com1700 IMG[7.5%], INPUT[0.2%], SCRIPT[0.3%], embed[0.2%], frame[0.5%], iframe[2.8%], img[79.7%], input[1.8%], script[15.8%] img[100.0%]
cdnpark.com1642 img[99.6%], script[0.4%]
awempire.com1638 embed[1.4%], iframe[1.0%], img[97.3%], script[25.9%]
skype.com1618 IMG[0.6%], SCRIPT[0.4%], iframe[0.1%], img[76.2%], script[56.3%]
zoosnet.net1617 a[0.1%], iframe[0.4%], img[0.7%], script[99.9%]
bootcss.com1616 script[99.9%]
directfwd.com1584 script[100.0%]
tumblr.com1577 FRAME[0.8%], IMG[0.3%], embed[1.1%], frame[2.6%], iframe[4.7%], img[77.0%], script[17.6%]
bootstrapcdn.com1553 link[0.2%], script[99.9%]
wikimedia.org1529 IMG[1.7%], Img[0.2%], img[98.4%], input[0.1%], script[0.1%]
images-amazon.com1506 IMG[2.5%], im[0.1%], img[98.1%], input[0.4%], script[0.1%]
scriptadmin.com1498 script[100.0%]
amap.com1495 iframe[29.8%], img[1.5%], script[69.6%]
hotlog.ru1433 IMG[0.2%], SCRIPT[0.2%], img[99.0%], script[3.0%]
eabids.com1413 iframe[100.0%], script[96.8%]

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