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You are viewing an outdated report. The latest version of this report was published on May 1st, 2024

Web Bug Traffic Count Report
October 1, 2014

Understanding The Report
The table in this report illustrates the top 100 web sites that are benefiting from web bugs. This is based on a sample of 49990506 pages retrieved from 3023721 different sites.

The reader should note the following

  • Domain: We track the domain doing the bugging, not the site. In this way, if sites A and sites B had, as an example, images served from banner ad servers called and, the domain will be credited with having bugged two different sites.

  • Relative Traffic Weight: This is a cumulative sum of the weight of each bugged site. The weight of a bugged site originates from our referral report, and is a measure of how authorative a site is, based on the number of other sites that link to it. The idea is that the more authorative a site is, the more traffic it has. By calculating the cumulative sum of weights, we come much closer to ranking "buggers" by the amount of traffic they have bugged. This should have the effect of elevating the rank of buggers that focus on high traffic sites.

  • Type of Bugs: In this column, we list all the different tag types that were found referencing the specified domain. The percentage represents the number of bugged sites that use the specified tag. Since a single site may use multiple tags, these percentages can and often do exceed 100%.

DomainRelative Traffic WeightTypes of Bugs
google.com229301 embed[0.7%], iframe[20.9%], img[11.4%], s[0.1%], script[78.6%]
googleapis.com156061 embed[0.4%], img[2.2%], s[0.3%], script[97.5%]
youtube.com139968 embed[36.6%], iframe[68.3%], img[5.0%], script[0.7%]
facebook.com86865 embed[0.5%], iframe[89.3%], img[8.7%], script[4.2%]
googlesyndication.com82074 img[3.2%], s[0.1%], script[97.0%]
googlecode.com67786 img[0.4%], s[0.4%], script[99.3%]
google-analytics.com59974 img[1.0%], s[0.2%], script[98.9%]
addthis.com59034 iframe[0.1%], img[23.9%], s[0.2%], script[97.5%]
gravatar.com54923 img[81.6%], script[27.1%]
jquery.com52975 s[0.2%], script[99.7%]
twitter.com51763 embed[0.4%], iframe[9.8%], img[0.8%], s[0.2%], script[90.5%]
cnzz.com50758 img[1.3%], script[99.1%]
qq.com47709 embed[0.8%], iframe[3.0%], img[81.7%], script[19.8%]
baidu.com37150 embed[0.3%], iframe[4.9%], img[21.6%], script[80.5%]
facebook.net33040 s[0.2%], script[99.8%]
js.users.51.la30276 script[100.0%]
adobe.com27308 embed[0.4%], iframe[0.1%], img[99.5%]
wp.com26005 iframe[19.8%], img[30.4%], input[0.4%], script[97.5%]
awempire.com24905 embed[1.9%], iframe[0.4%], img[98.8%], script[4.0%]
wordpress.com24604 embed[0.2%], frame[2.4%], i[0.2%], iframe[8.3%], im[0.2%], img[45.2%], script[49.6%], source[0.2%]
rambler.ru22398 img[98.7%], script[56.8%]
googleadservices.com21992 img[32.1%], s[0.2%], script[98.5%]
baidustatic.com21068 script[99.9%]
yandex.ru20983 embed[1.6%], iframe[2.6%], img[46.2%], script[60.7%]
yadro.ru19631 img[99.9%]
blogspot.com19437 frame[3.8%], iframe[2.0%], img[94.1%], input[0.8%], script[0.4%]
vimeo.com19418 embed[15.7%], iframe[88.4%], img[0.2%], script[0.2%]
godaddy.com18575 iframe[97.4%], img[2.6%], input[0.1%]
sharethis.com16615 iframe[0.1%], img[0.8%], s[0.2%], script[99.5%]
illiweb.com16311 embed[0.1%], img[99.8%], script[97.4%]
statcounter.com16142 img[90.8%], s[0.3%], script[89.6%]
photobucket.com15733 br[0.1%], content[0.1%], embed[4.1%], iframe[0.5%], img[97.1%], input[0.5%]
mail.ru14308 embed[0.6%], iframe[0.9%], img[85.8%], script[17.1%]
img.users.51.la13793 img[100.0%]
scorecardresearch.com13792 img[98.8%], script[3.7%]
livejasmin.com13646 iframe[8.1%], img[35.0%], script[80.8%]
twimg.com13611 img[22.3%], s[0.2%], script[78.2%]
amazonaws.com13610 a[0.1%], audio[0.1%], embed[1.4%], iframe[0.6%], img[85.5%], input[0.7%], script[17.9%], source[0.9%], video[0.2%]
youku.com12893 embed[97.9%], iframe[2.4%], img[0.2%], script[0.6%]
imgfast.net12822 img[100.0%]
editboard.com12558 iframe[100.0%]
criteo.com11510 iframe[0.1%], img[99.7%], script[0.3%]
servimg.com11405 img[100.0%]
fc2.com10827 embed[1.2%], frame[0.5%], i[0.5%], iframe[3.3%], im[0.4%], img[92.8%], input[1.8%], s[0.5%], script[48.7%]
dsultra.com10708 script[100.0%]
yimg.com10434 embed[2.0%], iframe[0.4%], img[75.7%], input[3.7%], script[25.9%]
flickr.com10417 embed[13.2%], iframe[4.5%], img[72.4%], script[16.0%]
51yes.com10270 iframe[0.1%], img[0.2%], script[99.9%]
sedoparking.com10183 frame[1.0%], iframe[0.2%], img[2.2%], script[98.7%]
hitsk.in10169 img[100.0%]
fbcdn.net10114 img[42.5%], script[57.9%]
blogblog.com9664 img[100.0%], input[0.2%]
adnxs.com9330 iframe[89.3%], img[3.7%], script[9.1%]
quantserve.com9291 img[90.6%], s[0.2%], script[73.8%]
tumblr.com9104 embed[0.5%], frame[1.6%], iframe[47.9%], img[85.7%], input[0.5%], script[63.7%]
images-amazon.com8883 img[99.5%], input[1.1%], script[0.2%]
cloudfront.net8783 embed[0.9%], iframe[0.6%], img[71.4%], input[0.8%], script[49.2%], source[1.4%]
linkedin.com8727 iframe[0.2%], img[17.3%], script[82.9%]
jimdo.com8365 embed[0.2%], frame[0.3%], img[99.5%], script[8.5%]
tinypic.com8314 br[0.2%], embed[0.3%], img[99.6%], input[0.2%], script[0.1%]
yahoo.com8245 embed[0.3%], frame[1.0%], iframe[2.8%], img[88.3%], input[0.6%], script[11.1%]
amazon.com7879 embed[11.4%], frame[0.2%], iframe[56.6%], img[33.6%], input[2.1%], script[10.2%]
w3.org7723 img[99.7%], script[0.1%]
0401.tw7508 img[100.0%]
gemius.pl7385 iframe[0.4%], img[0.7%], script[99.0%]
ucoz.net7281 iframe[0.1%], img[91.7%], input[1.6%], script[82.1%]
jiathis.com7218 embed[0.3%], iframe[0.2%], img[4.4%], script[99.7%]
pinterest.com7165 iframe[0.1%], img[43.0%], script[67.0%] embed[0.1%], iframe[88.4%], img[3.5%], script[8.7%]
ytimg.com7080 embed[0.5%], img[99.4%]
recaptcha.net7022 iframe[74.1%], img[0.7%], script[98.5%]
toplist.cz6868 img[99.9%]
a8.net6856 img[99.5%], script[2.2%] embed[0.2%], iframe[3.5%], ilayer[0.1%], img[71.9%], script[43.9%]
skype.com6704 img[74.6%], s[0.2%], script[63.2%]
rubiconproject.com6377 iframe[84.7%], img[0.2%], script[15.1%]
userapi.com6348 img[6.7%], script[94.7%]
404.safedog.cn6329 iframe[100.0%]
hostgator.com6153 embed[91.5%], img[98.5%], script[92.9%]
alexa.com5971 iframe[0.2%], img[60.5%], script[43.0%]
doubleclick.net5901 iframe[36.3%], img[56.6%], layer[0.2%], s[0.5%], script[36.9%]
domainparkingserver.net5891 iframe[100.0%]
wikimedia.org5775 img[99.6%], input[0.1%]
feedburner.com5747 img[80.0%], s[0.1%], script[23.3%] img[100.0%]
xiti.com5468 img[100.0%]
google.de5403 embed[0.2%], iframe[70.8%], img[2.5%], script[26.5%]
list.ru5330 img[99.9%]
linezing.com5315 img[79.5%], script[97.6%]
gstatic.com5276 img[90.3%], script[9.9%]
histats.com5192 embed[4.0%], img[98.3%], script[20.1%]
smartadserver.com5186 iframe[0.1%], img[86.8%], script[14.9%]
amazon-adsystem.com5134 iframe[43.3%], img[38.9%], script[33.8%]
xrea.com4981 iframe[19.3%], img[97.1%], s[0.2%], script[67.5%]
imaging.jugem.jp4906 embed[0.1%], img[88.6%], input[0.6%], script[86.8%]
skimresources.com4857 script[99.9%]
sohu.com4798 embed[6.1%], frame[0.1%], iframe[2.3%], img[29.5%], input[0.2%], script[78.9%]
ie6countdown.com4784 img[100.0%]
staticflickr.com4749 content[0.1%], img[99.9%] embed[1.9%], img[100.0%]

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