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You are viewing an outdated report. The latest version of this report was published on May 1st, 2024

Web Bug Traffic Count Report
June 1st, 2010

Understanding The Report
The table in this report illustrates the top 100 web sites that are benefiting from web bugs. This is based on a sample of 35100410 pages retrieved from 2615680 different sites.

The reader should note the following

  • Domain: We track the domain doing the bugging, not the site. In this way, if sites A and sites B had, as an example, images served from banner ad servers called and, the domain will be credited with having bugged two different sites.

  • Relative Traffic Weight: This is a cumulative sum of the weight of each bugged site. The weight of a bugged site originates from our referral report, and is a measure of how authorative a site is, based on the number of other sites that link to it. The idea is that the more authorative a site is, the more traffic it has. By calculating the cumulative sum of weights, we come much closer to ranking "buggers" by the amount of traffic they have bugged. This should have the effect of elevating the rank of buggers that focus on high traffic sites.

  • Type of Bugs: In this column, we list all the different tag types that were found referencing the specified domain. The percentage represents the number of bugged sites that use the specified tag. Since a single site may use multiple tags, these percentages can and often do exceed 100%.

DomainRelative Traffic WeightTypes of Bugs
google-analytics.com174205 s[1.3%], script[98.7%]
googlesyndication.com163986 iframe[0.5%], img[2.7%], s[1.3%], script[96.1%]
google.com114314 embed[3.0%], frame[0.2%], iframe[17.3%], img[31.1%], s[1.1%], script[54.0%]
youtube.com71395 content[0.3%], embed[96.2%], iframe[0.2%], img[4.5%], script[0.9%]
fc2.com35035 embed[4.5%], frame[0.2%], iframe[12.6%], img[95.7%], input[3.0%], script[79.4%]
yadro.ru31761 img[100.0%]
addthis.com30826 img[61.1%], s[1.0%], script[94.9%]
statcounter.com28670 img[93.7%], s[1.5%], script[91.4%]
sedoparking.com24271 frame[56.9%], iframe[4.2%], img[34.1%], input[0.2%], script[11.9%]
rambler.ru21674 embed[0.2%], img[99.4%], s[0.1%], script[27.6%]
cnzz.com21096 img[0.6%], script[99.8%]
facebook.com20084 embed[1.9%], frame[0.1%], iframe[19.1%], img[29.3%], s[0.5%], script[54.4%]
quantserve.com19513 img[98.2%], s[0.3%], script[96.2%]
yandex.ru19303 embed[1.1%], iframe[0.4%], img[61.4%], script[68.5%]
googleapis.com18871 s[1.3%], script[98.7%]
nuseek.com17376 img[73.5%], input[99.6%]
photobucket.com16298 content[0.1%], embed[6.0%], iframe[0.2%], image[0.2%], img[96.3%], input[0.4%]
googleadservices.com16259 img[24.8%], s[0.4%], script[98.6%]
qq.com16080 embed[1.0%], iframe[2.8%], img[92.6%], input[0.1%], script[7.1%]
amazon.com15296 embed[7.6%], frame[0.2%], iframe[40.3%], img[55.3%], input[3.2%], script[6.2%]
adobe.com15222 embed[0.1%], img[99.8%]
flickr.com14836 content[0.2%], embed[7.9%], frame[0.1%], iframe[3.6%], img[84.5%], s[0.4%], script[11.9%]
yimg.com14609 embed[3.2%], img[57.5%], input[5.1%], script[42.7%], span[0.3%]
images-amazon.com14083 im[0.1%], img[99.7%], input[1.2%], script[0.1%], span[0.1%]
gravatar.com13978 im[0.1%], img[100.0%]
yahoo.com13923 embed[0.5%], frame[2.1%], iframe[2.3%], img[83.4%], input[1.0%], s[0.1%], script[25.0%]
list.ru12433 iframe[0.2%], img[99.8%]
baidu.com12073 embed[0.4%], frame[0.2%], iframe[25.0%], img[13.3%], input[0.1%], script[78.1%] br[0.1%], iframe[11.6%], ilayer[0.1%], image[0.1%], img[87.5%], input[3.3%], s[0.1%], script[25.0%]
js.users.51.la11144 s[0.2%], script[99.8%]
w3.org11068 img[99.8%]
wordpress.com10440 embed[0.7%], frame[2.7%], i[0.2%], iframe[0.8%], im[0.2%], img[49.9%], input[0.2%], s[4.4%], script[57.6%]
xrea.com10079 embed[0.3%], iframe[13.4%], img[95.6%], s[0.5%], script[82.8%]
doubleclick.net9800 iframe[11.0%], img[85.2%], layer[0.3%], s[0.4%], script[54.7%]
feedburner.com9698 div[0.2%], frame[0.1%], img[85.7%], s[0.7%], script[18.2%]
gemius.pl9518 iframe[0.5%], img[2.9%], script[96.7%]
sitemeter.com9451 img[91.2%], s[1.5%], script[78.3%]
a8.net8688 img[99.9%], script[0.5%]
img.users.51.la8643 img[100.0%]
xiti.com8384 img[100.0%]
extreme-dm.com8168 img[100.0%]
free.fr8040 bgsound[0.2%], embed[1.2%], frame[9.7%], iframe[9.6%], img[53.7%], input[0.6%], script[44.2%]
dsnextgen.com7903 frame[42.7%], iframe[57.3%]
51yes.com7746 iframe[0.4%], img[0.3%], s[0.2%], script[99.6%]
twitter.com7655 embed[17.8%], iframe[0.5%], img[5.1%], s[1.6%], script[76.9%]
information.com7498 frame[44.9%], iframe[55.0%]
linksynergy.com7036 frame[0.1%], img[97.9%], script[2.1%]
live.com6902 frame[0.3%], iframe[3.7%], img[91.3%], input[0.7%], script[72.9%]
spylog.com6899 img[100.0%], script[0.3%]
hotlog.ru6815 img[100.0%], script[0.1%]
tinypic.com6711 br[0.3%], embed[0.6%], img[99.4%], input[0.3%], script[0.1%]
twimg.com6702 img[17.9%], s[1.0%], script[81.9%]
amazonaws.com6637 embed[3.8%], iframe[0.5%], img[81.7%], input[0.6%], s[0.3%], script[18.1%]
secureserver.net6610 img[94.5%], input[63.9%], script[5.4%]
vimeo.com6560 embed[97.9%], img[2.1%], script[0.9%]
blogspot.com6449 content[2.6%], frame[12.0%], iframe[5.9%], img[81.4%], input[0.1%], script[0.4%], span[0.3%]
recaptcha.net6398 iframe[91.6%], img[1.6%], s[0.2%], script[98.6%]
sharethis.com6299 img[19.5%], s[0.6%], script[99.1%] embed[9.5%], iframe[89.9%], img[0.1%], script[9.4%]
imaging.jugem.jp5841 img[88.5%], input[0.3%], script[94.6%]
cpxinteractive.com5762 iframe[2.4%], script[97.5%]
adultfriendfinder.com5722 embed[1.4%], frame[0.3%], iframe[71.7%], img[11.1%], s[0.1%], script[26.7%]
casalemedia.com5692 iframe[5.1%], img[0.5%], script[94.6%]
gmodules.com5689 iframe[1.9%], img[9.6%], s[0.7%], script[88.2%]
toplist.cz5649 ilayer[0.2%], img[99.8%]
mail.ru5634 embed[2.8%], iframe[0.1%], img[93.5%], script[5.0%]
skype.com5500 embed[0.3%], img[76.0%], s[0.7%], script[73.3%]
fbcdn.net5450 embed[0.1%], img[51.5%], s[0.4%], script[49.0%], span[0.1%]
bravenet.com5432 frame[0.2%], iframe[4.0%], img[40.0%], script[81.7%]
valuecommerce.com5319 iframe[71.1%], img[99.1%], s[0.4%], script[69.0%]
wlxrs.com5289 img[66.5%], script[99.7%]
linezing.com5168 img[92.1%], s[0.2%], script[95.0%]
ftjcfx.com4903 img[99.8%], script[0.2%]
creativecommons.org4892 img[99.9%]
blogger.com4860 content[0.3%], embed[3.5%], iframe[30.0%], img[88.1%], input[2.5%], s[0.4%], script[41.3%]
constantcontact.com4849 iframe[0.9%], img[98.9%], script[0.7%]
lduhtrp.net4786 img[99.9%], script[0.3%]
assoc-amazon.com4754 img[68.3%], s[1.3%], script[48.7%]
yandex.net4713 embed[0.3%], img[97.9%], script[2.2%]
godaddy.com4627 iframe[1.1%], img[98.7%], input[0.4%], script[0.2%]
sohu.com4615 embed[7.0%], frame[0.4%], iframe[6.1%], img[89.3%], input[2.9%], script[23.6%]
ytimg.com4580 a[0.2%], embed[0.1%], i[0.1%], im[0.2%], img[99.6%], script[0.2%] embed[0.8%], iframe[75.9%], img[11.0%], s[0.2%], script[13.3%]
wunderground.com4513 embed[2.5%], frame[0.2%], iframe[0.7%], img[97.9%], script[0.2%]
awltovhc.com4500 img[99.9%], script[0.3%]
googlecode.com4461 embed[0.3%], img[1.3%], s[2.8%], script[95.8%]
tqlkg.com4399 img[99.9%], script[0.3%]
awempire.com4377 embed[75.8%], iframe[8.3%], img[85.1%], script[72.7%]
untd.com4350 img[100.0%]
match.seesaa.jp4331 script[100.0%]
islive.nl4330 frame[2.0%], iframe[82.6%], img[19.7%], input[0.1%], s[0.2%], script[14.9%] embed[0.7%], frame[3.4%], iframe[1.8%], img[75.2%], input[0.3%], s[0.2%], script[34.6%]
alexa.com4274 iframe[1.7%], img[16.1%], s[0.9%], script[82.5%]
ggpht.com4274 content[0.3%], div[0.4%], img[99.4%]
i.yimg.jp4248 embed[1.0%], img[85.2%], input[6.9%], s[0.2%], script[13.8%]
weborama.fr4176 iframe[1.1%], img[1.7%], s[0.1%], script[97.5%] img[100.0%]
icq.com3918 embed[0.3%], img[99.4%], script[0.3%]
www.assoc-amazon.jp3893 img[72.3%], s[0.3%], script[38.2%]
narod.ru3847 bgsound[0.2%], embed[2.3%], frame[2.1%], iframe[2.3%], img[94.7%], input[2.8%], script[1.2%], textarea[0.1%]

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