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Latest Vulnerability Tests

SecuritySpace's vulnerability tests are updated regularly and are one of the most comprehensive available on-line, and we back this up by fully disclosing our entire test suite on-line at all times for your review. Currently, there are 58768 vulnerability tests available to be run as part of an audit.

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Recently Added Vulnerability Tests

ID # Date Risk Description 17MediumLogitech Media Server Multiple Persistent XSS Vulnerabilities 17HighFedora Update for weechat FEDORA-2017-5c2a294fba 17HighActiontec C1000A Modem Backup Telnet Account 17HighFedora Update for golang FEDORA-2017-8f7bca960b 17OtherAmetys CMS Detection 17MediumMediaWiki Multiple Vulnerabilities - Aug12 (Windows) 17HighRedHat Update for httpd RHSA-2017:2972-01 17HighCacti RCE Vulnerability (Linux) 17MediumOpenSSL Multiple Vulnerabilities - Nov 2017 (Windows) 17HighCacti RCE Vulnerability (Windows) 17MediumXnView 'jb2 file' DoS Vulnerability 17HighD-Link DGS-1500 Ax RCE Vulnerability 17MediumWordPress through 4.8.2 Weak Password Hash Algorithm 17MediumTYPO3 Multiple XSS Vulnerabilities 17OtherpfSense Detection (SNMP) 17OtherXcode Version Detection (Mac OS X) 17MediumCacti XSS Vulnerability (Linux) 17HighNASdeluxe NDL-2400R OS Command Injection Vulnerability 17HighQuagga DoS Vulnerability 17OtherArcGIS Server Detection 17HighDebian Security Advisory DSA 3225-1 (gst-plugins-bad0.10 - security update) 17HighCentOS Update for java CESA-2017:2998 centos7 17HighMediaWiki XXE Vulnerability (Linux) 17HighJAWS/1.0 Remote Command Execution Vulnerability 17HighCentOS Update for httpd CESA-2017:2972 centos6 17HighCMS Made Simple Template Injection Vulnerability 17MediumLinksys Devices Multiple Vulnerabilities 17HighJenkins Multiple Vulnerabilities Oct 17 (Linux) 17MediumOpenSSL Multiple Vulnerabilities - Nov 2017 (Linux) 17MediumCrouchDB Multiple Vulnerabilities (Linux) 17HighFedora Update for selinux-policy FEDORA-2017-88b6a06bce 17OtherCheck Point Firewall Version Detection 17HighProxmox Virtual Environment End Of Life Detection 17HighdotCMS End of Life Detection 17MediumCMS Made Simple Multiple Vulnerabilities 17HighXnView Multiple DoS Vulnerabilities 17HighFedora Update for rubygem-rmagick FEDORA-2017-a62dd57720 17OtherCheck Point Firewall Web Interface Detection 17MediumMultiple Router Directory Traversal Vulnerability 17HighRedHat Update for wpa_supplicant RHSA-2017:2911-01 17HighMyBB Multiple Vulnerabilities 17Mediumakka HTTP DoS Vulnerability 17HighIrfanView Multiple DoS Vulnerabilities 17HighRedHat Update for kernel RHSA-2017:2930-01 17HighMediaWiki XXE Vulnerability (Windows) 17HighFedora Update for SDL2_image FEDORA-2017-9b0095a6f2 17HighManageUPSNET Telnet Default Credentials 17MediumForeman XSS Vulnerability 17OtherHNAP OS Identification 17HighRedHat Update for java-1.8.0-openjdk RHSA-2017:2998-01 17HighAmetys CMS Unauthenticated Password Reset Vulnerability 17HighpfSense Default Admin Credentials 17HighFedora Update for upx FEDORA-2017-caafcbd6b9 17MediumCacti 1.1.27 multiple vulnerabilities (Windows) 17HighCentOS Update for java CESA-2017:2998 centos6 17HighManageEngine Applications Manager SQL Injection Vulnerability 17MediumCacti 1.1.27 multiple vulnerabilities (Linux) 17OtherTP-Link Wireless Router Detection 17HighZyxel NBG6716 RCE Vulnerability 17HighOTRS Information Disclosure Vulnerability 17HighTuleap Object Injection vulnerability before version 9.7 17OtherTrend Micro Smart Protection Server Remote Version Detection 17MediumZTE ZXR10 Router Multiple Vulnerabilities 17MediumCheck_MK Information Disclosure Vulnerability 17MediumFedora Update for curl FEDORA-2017-601b4c20a4 17HighJenkins Multiple Vulnerabilities Oct 17 (Windows) 17Otherakka HTTP Detection 17HighFedora Update for openvswitch FEDORA-2017-45625fecca 17MediumTP-Link TL-MR3220 Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability 17HighApache Solr Remote Code Execution Vulnerability 17OtherLogitech Media Server Detection 17HighDigital Video Recorder Web Authentication Bypass (JAWS/1.0) 17HighMediaWiki Multiple Vulnerabilities - November17 (Linux) 17HighDebian Security Advisory DSA 3226-1 (inspircd - security update) 17OtherProConOS Detection 17HighManageUPSNET FTP Default Credentials 17HighSuSE Update for xen openSUSE-SU-2017:2821-1 (xen) 17HighFedora Update for wpa_supplicant FEDORA-2017-12e76e8364 17HighFedora Update for SDL2_image FEDORA-2017-15987a1b7f 17HighFedora Update for ImageMagick FEDORA-2017-a62dd57720 17Mediumntopng Multiple Vulnerabilities 17HighMediaWiki Multiple Vulnerabilities - November17 (Windows) 17MediumCacti XSS Vulnerability (Windows) 17HighOpenEMR Database Disclosure Vulnerability 17HighFedora Update for golang FEDORA-2017-6f1b90dbb7 17OtherSSL/TLS: Expect Certificate Transparency (Expect-CT) Detection 17HighArcGis Server 10.3.1 Remote Code Execution vulnerability 17HighFedora Update for upx FEDORA-2017-d22c391318 17OtherCODESYS Detection 17MediumLogitech Media Server DOM Based XSS Vulnerability 17MediumLinksys E1500/E2500 Multiple Vulnerabilities 17HighDebian Security Advisory DSA 3518-1 (spip - security update) 17HighSuSE Update for git openSUSE-SU-2017:2757-1 (git) 17OtherpfSense Detection (Version) 17HighIpswitch WS_FTP Professional Local Buffer Overflow Vulnerability 17MediumCrouchDB Multiple Vulnerabilities (Windows) 17OtherLinksys Devices Remote Detection 17HighCMS Made Simple 2.2.2 Reflected XSS Vulnerability 17HighDebian Security Advisory DSA 3519-1 (xen - security update) 17HighZyXEL PK5001Z Modem Backup Telnet Account and Default Root Credentials 17HighMongoDB DoS Vulnerability - Oct17 (Linux) 17OtherCouchDB Detection 17HighFedora Update for weechat FEDORA-2017-89efe409a2 17OtherTrend Micro OfficeScan Remote Detection 17HighMongoDB DoS Vulnerability - Oct17 (Windows) 17MediumIrfanView Multiple DoS Vulnerabilities Oct17 17OtherD-Link DGS-1500 Detection 17HighpfSense Default SSH Credentials 17HighCentOS Update for wpa_supplicant CESA-2017:2911 centos6 17OtherSamsung SRN Device Detection 17MediumMediaWiki Multiple Vulnerabilities - Aug12 (Linux) 17HighFedora Update for wpa_supplicant FEDORA-2017-60bfb576b7
Total: 112 new tests in the last 30 days

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