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                         SecuritySpace Newsletter
                         Published by E-Soft Inc.

                              March 3rd, 2018

1)  New: Vulnerability test suite now stands at 58,962 tests
2)  Security News - Your Top 10 Picks of February
3)  Subscription / Removal Information


1)  New: Vulnerability test suite now stands at 58,962 tests

    82 new vulnerability tests have been added since our last
    newsletter.  View the full complement at

2)  Security News - Your Top 10 Picks of February

    Our top 10 news stories for February

    1.  Google Chrome: Beware these malicious extensions that record everything you do
        Story from ZDNet

    2.  Japanese authorities warned Coincheck about serious security flaws before thieves stole $530 million
        Story from v3

    3.  Why Linux is better than Windows or macOS for security
        Story from ComputerWorld

    4.  No more Windows 10 passwords? Microsoft says Hello to palm-vein biometrics
        Story from ZDNet

    5.  Malware found on porn site threatens to tell cops that users are accessing indecent images of children
        Story from v3

    6.  China tests 'unhackable' satellite in 'world's most secure video conference'
        Story from v3

    7.  Belgian police release decryption keys for Cryakl ransomware
        Story from v3

    8.  PSA: Stop uploading your bitcoin wallet keys and credit cards to file-sharing sites
        Story from ZDNet

    9.  Majority of health apps plagued with security risks, say researchers
        Story from v3

   10.  Chrome 68 to condemn all unencrypted sites by summer
        Story from ComputerWorld

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