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                         SecuritySpace Newsletter
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                             June 4th, 2019  

1)  New: Vulnerability test suite now stands at 73,533 tests
2)  Security News - Your Top 10 Picks of May
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1)  New: Vulnerability test suite now stands at 73,533 tests.

    View the full complement at

2)  Security News - Your Top 10 Picks of May

    1.  The growing legal and regulatory implications of collecting biometric data
        Story from ZDNet

    2.  WhatsApp security flaw exploited by Israeli spyware firm
        Story from Computing.co.uk

    3.  Hackers can fake radio signals to hijack aircraft landing systems, warn researchers
        Story from Computing.co.uk

    4.  60 percent of enterprise codebases contain open-source vulnerabilities
        Story from ZDNet

    5.  From Docker Hub hack to Facebook's burglar-friendly API to phone fingerprint bypasses...
        Story from theRegister

    6.  Extortionist hacks IT provider used by the stars of tech and big biz, leaks customer info after ransom goes unpaid
        Story from theRegister

    7.  Facebook admits to storing plaintext passwords for millions of Instagram users
        Story from ZDNet

    8.  Facebook: Yeah, we hoovered up 1.5 million email address books without permission. But it was an accident!
        Story from theRegister

    9.  Vodafone identified hidden security flaws in Huawei equipment in 2011
        Story from Computing.co.uk

   10.  UK intelligence ties with US at risk over government's Huawei 5G networks decision
        Story from Computing.co.uk

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