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Kategorie:Mac OS X Local Security Checks
Titel:Mac OS X 10.5.5 Update / Security Update 2008-006
Zusammenfassung:The remote host is missing Mac OS X 10.5.5 Update / Security Update 2008-006.
The remote host is missing Mac OS X 10.5.5 Update / Security Update 2008-006.

Affected Software/OS:
One or more of the following components are affected:




Directory Services





Login Window



QuickDraw Manager



System Configuration

System Preferences

Time Machine


Wiki Server

Update your Mac OS X operating system. Please see the references for more information.

CVSS Score:

CVSS Vector:

Querverweis: Common Vulnerability Exposure (CVE) ID: CVE-2008-2305
BugTraq ID: 31189
Cert/CC Advisory: TA08-260A
XForce ISS Database: macos-ats-bo(45162)
Common Vulnerability Exposure (CVE) ID: CVE-2008-1100
BugTraq ID: 28756
BugTraq ID: 28784
CERT/CC vulnerability note: VU#858595
Debian Security Information: DSA-1549 (Google Search)
SuSE Security Announcement: SUSE-SA:2008:024 (Google Search)
SuSE Security Announcement: openSUSE-SU-2015:0906 (Google Search)
XForce ISS Database: clamav-cliscanpe-bo(41789)
Common Vulnerability Exposure (CVE) ID: CVE-2008-1387
BugTraq ID: 28782
Bugtraq: 20080415 clamav: Endless loop / hang with crafter arj, CVE-2008-1387 (Google Search)
XForce ISS Database: clamav-arj-unspecified-dos(41822)
Common Vulnerability Exposure (CVE) ID: CVE-2008-0314
XForce ISS Database: clamav-spin-bo(41823)
Common Vulnerability Exposure (CVE) ID: CVE-2008-1833
BugTraq ID: 28798
XForce ISS Database: clamav-wwpack-pe-bo(41833)
Common Vulnerability Exposure (CVE) ID: CVE-2008-1835
XForce ISS Database: clamav-rar-weak-security(41874)
Common Vulnerability Exposure (CVE) ID: CVE-2008-1836
XForce ISS Database: clamav-rfc2231-dos(41868)
Common Vulnerability Exposure (CVE) ID: CVE-2008-1837
XForce ISS Database: clamav-libclamunrar-dos(41870)
Common Vulnerability Exposure (CVE) ID: CVE-2008-2713
BugTraq ID: 29750
Debian Security Information: DSA-1616 (Google Search)
SuSE Security Announcement: SUSE-SR:2008:014 (Google Search)
SuSE Security Announcement: SUSE-SR:2008:015 (Google Search)
XForce ISS Database: clamav-petite-dos(43133)
Common Vulnerability Exposure (CVE) ID: CVE-2008-3215
XForce ISS Database: clamav-petitec-dos(44200)
Common Vulnerability Exposure (CVE) ID: CVE-2008-2329
XForce ISS Database: macos-directoryservices-info-disclosure(45163)
Common Vulnerability Exposure (CVE) ID: CVE-2008-2330
XForce ISS Database: macos-slapconfig-information-disclosure(45164)
Common Vulnerability Exposure (CVE) ID: CVE-2008-2331
XForce ISS Database: macos-finder-weak-security(45165)
Common Vulnerability Exposure (CVE) ID: CVE-2008-3613
XForce ISS Database: macos-finder-disk-dos(45166)
Common Vulnerability Exposure (CVE) ID: CVE-2008-2327
BugTraq ID: 30832
Bugtraq: 20080905 rPSA-2008-0268-1 libtiff (Google Search)
Bugtraq: 20081031 VMSA-2008-0017 Updated ESX packages for libxml2, ucd-snmp, libtiff (Google Search)
Debian Security Information: DSA-1632 (Google Search)
SuSE Security Announcement: SUSE-SR:2008:018 (Google Search)
Common Vulnerability Exposure (CVE) ID: CVE-2008-2332
XForce ISS Database: macos-tiff-code-execution(45167)
Common Vulnerability Exposure (CVE) ID: CVE-2008-3608
XForce ISS Database: macos-jpeg-code-execution(45168)
Common Vulnerability Exposure (CVE) ID: CVE-2008-1382
BugTraq ID: 28770
Bugtraq: 20080414 [oCERT-2008-003] libpng zero-length chunks incorrect handling (Google Search)
Bugtraq: 20080429 rPSA-2008-0151-1 libpng (Google Search)
Bugtraq: 20090529 VMSA-2009-0007 VMware Hosted products and ESX and ESXi patches resolve security issues (Google Search)
Cert/CC Advisory: TA09-133A
Debian Security Information: DSA-1750 (Google Search)
SuSE Security Announcement: SUSE-SR:2008:010 (Google Search)
XForce ISS Database: libpng-zero-length-code-execution(41800)
Common Vulnerability Exposure (CVE) ID: CVE-2008-3609
XForce ISS Database: macos-kernel-security-bypass(45169)
Common Vulnerability Exposure (CVE) ID: CVE-2008-1447
BugTraq ID: 30131
Bugtraq: 20080808 New paper: An Illustrated Guide to the Kaminsky DNS Vulnerability (Google Search)
Bugtraq: 20080830 VMSA-2008-0014 Updates to VMware Workstation, VMware Player, VMware ACE, VMware Server, VMware ESX address information disclosure, privilege escalation and other security issues. (Google Search)
Cert/CC Advisory: TA08-190A
Cert/CC Advisory: TA08-190B
CERT/CC vulnerability note: VU#800113
Cisco Security Advisory: 20080708 Multiple Cisco Products Vulnerable to DNS Cache Poisoning Attacks
Debian Security Information: DSA-1603 (Google Search)
Debian Security Information: DSA-1604 (Google Search)
Debian Security Information: DSA-1605 (Google Search)
Debian Security Information: DSA-1619 (Google Search)
Debian Security Information: DSA-1623 (Google Search)
FreeBSD Security Advisory: FreeBSD-SA-08:05
HPdes Security Advisory: HPSBMP02404
HPdes Security Advisory: HPSBNS02405
HPdes Security Advisory: HPSBOV02357
HPdes Security Advisory: HPSBOV03226
HPdes Security Advisory: HPSBTU02358
HPdes Security Advisory: HPSBUX02351
HPdes Security Advisory: SSRT071449
HPdes Security Advisory: SSRT080058
HPdes Security Advisory: SSRT090014
HPdes Security Advisory: SSRT101004
Microsoft Security Bulletin: MS08-037
NETBSD Security Advisory: NetBSD-SA2008-009
OpenBSD Security Advisory: [4.2] 013: SECURITY FIX: July 23, 2008
OpenBSD Security Advisory: [4.3] 004: SECURITY FIX: July 23, 2008
RedHat Security Advisories: RHSA-2008:0533
SuSE Security Announcement: SUSE-SA:2008:033 (Google Search)
SuSE Security Announcement: SUSE-SR:2008:017 (Google Search)
XForce ISS Database: cisco-multiple-dns-cache-poisoning(43637)
XForce ISS Database: win-dns-client-server-spoofing(43334)
Common Vulnerability Exposure (CVE) ID: CVE-2008-3610
XForce ISS Database: macos-login-window-security-bypass(45170)
Common Vulnerability Exposure (CVE) ID: CVE-2008-3611
XForce ISS Database: macos-loginscreen-security-bypass(45171)
Common Vulnerability Exposure (CVE) ID: CVE-2008-1483
BugTraq ID: 28444
Bugtraq: 20080325 rPSA-2008-0120-1 gnome-ssh-askpass openssh openssh-client openssh-server (Google Search)
Cisco Security Advisory: 20130220 OpenSSH Forwarded X Connection Session Hijack Vulnerability
Debian Security Information: DSA-1576 (Google Search)
HPdes Security Advisory: HPSBUX02337
HPdes Security Advisory: SSRT080072
NETBSD Security Advisory: NetBSD-SA2008-005
SuSE Security Announcement: SUSE-SR:2008:009 (Google Search)
XForce ISS Database: openssh-sshd-session-hijacking(41438)
Common Vulnerability Exposure (CVE) ID: CVE-2008-1657
BugTraq ID: 28531
Bugtraq: 20080404 rPSA-2008-0139-1 gnome-ssh-askpass openssh openssh-client openssh-server (Google Search)
OpenBSD Security Advisory: [4.3] 001: SECURITY FIX: March 30, 2008
XForce ISS Database: openssh-forcecommand-command-execution(41549)
Common Vulnerability Exposure (CVE) ID: CVE-2008-3614
BugTraq ID: 31086
Common Vulnerability Exposure (CVE) ID: CVE-2008-2376
Bugtraq: 20080708 rPSA-2008-0218-1 ruby (Google Search)
Debian Security Information: DSA-1612 (Google Search)
Debian Security Information: DSA-1618 (Google Search)
Common Vulnerability Exposure (CVE) ID: CVE-2008-3616
XForce ISS Database: macos-searchkitapi-code-execution(45172)
Common Vulnerability Exposure (CVE) ID: CVE-2008-2312
XForce ISS Database: macos-ppppassword-information-disclosure(45173)
Common Vulnerability Exposure (CVE) ID: CVE-2008-3617
XForce ISS Database: macos-vncviewer-weak-security(45174)
Common Vulnerability Exposure (CVE) ID: CVE-2008-3618
CERT/CC vulnerability note: VU#126787
XForce ISS Database: macos-filesharing-weak-security(45175)
Common Vulnerability Exposure (CVE) ID: CVE-2008-3619
XForce ISS Database: macos-timemachine-information-disclosure(45176)
Common Vulnerability Exposure (CVE) ID: CVE-2008-3621
XForce ISS Database: macos-videoconference-code-execution(45177)
Common Vulnerability Exposure (CVE) ID: CVE-2008-3622
XForce ISS Database: macos-wikiserver-xss(45178)
CopyrightCopyright (C) 2010 LSS

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