SecuritySpace/E-Soft in Press

SecuritySpace/E-Soft's security auditing services and web server surveys have been referenced or mentioned in various press and websites. Here are some of what we know.

DateArticle TitleSource
Mar 18, 2004 Go Daddy broadens its domain
Feb, 2004 Firewalls Skandalöse Sicherheitsücken: Testlabor PC Professionell
Nov 4, 2003 Security Scanning SecurityWatch
May, 2003 Users VS. Hackers: Security-Audits
(where SecuritySpace's audit ranked 1st out of 11 vendors reviewed)
PC Professionell
Magazine (pg. 136)
Dec 1, 2002 Press Release: Comodo Partners with E-Soft to Offer Customers Free Network Security Audits Comodo  SecuritySpace
Oct 11, 2002 Quelles technologies web dominent ? (French) JDNet Solutions
Oct 11, 2002 Scot's Newsletter(Vol. 2, Issue 33)
Oct 3, 2002 Should You Hack Your Own Network? Internet/Earthweb
Jun 14, 2002 DSL-Router im Sicherheitstest: Test-Fazit (German)
Jun 3, 2002 Press Release: Soltrus Partners with E-Soft to Offer Customers Free Network Security Audits
Jan 16, 2002 Hacking Yourself
Jan 11, 2002 Apache 2.0: What's New and Who'll Benefit?
Nov 22, 2001 A 6-Layer Defense for an I.T. Professional's Home Network SANS Institute
Aug 23, 2001 Vorsicht vor virtuellen Spionen im Cyberspace
Aug 15, 2001 Verbreitung von PHP steigt unaufhaltsam Linux Enterprise
Aug 8, 2001 Code Red Self Test NewsBytes
Aug 2, 2001 Toys for Code Red Hunters SecurityWatch
July 5, 2001 Internet Update: Security Space NewsBytes
June 8, 2001 Net Privacy Group Offers Free 'Snoop-Ware'
June 7, 2001 Privacy group shines light on Web bugs CNet
May 20, 2001 Freeware Guide to Internet Security
May 11, 2001 E-Soft release new Apache module report Apache Week
Mar, 2001 Congress examines web bugs, commercial privacy
Mar 20, 2001 New Report Reveals Top 100 Web Bug Trackers Windows IT Security
Mar 19, 2001 "Web bugs", un truco para seguir a los usuarios de la web (Spanish)
Mar 19, 2001 Relatrio alerta sobre sites que rastreiam internauta (Portugese) WebWorld
Mar 16, 2001 New Web page shows who's tracking you InfoWorld
Mar 5, 2001 Reversal of fortune--tracking Web trackers ZDnet
Mar 5, 2001 New tools hatch for sniffing out Web bugs CNet
Mar 4, 2001 "Link Exchange" hat die meisten "Web Bugs" (German)
Mar 2, 2001 Official: Microsoft is the Net's biggest bugger Register
Mar 1, 2001 Microsoft: the Biggest Web Bugger Slashdot
Feb 13, 2001 Protect Your Broadband Modem Connection TechWeb/Planet IT
Feb 4, 2001 Security Space Survey Results for January 2001 Apache Today
Feb, 2001 Personal Firewalls Block Out Bad Guys Smart Computing
Jan 1, 2001 More Detailed Apache Usage Report Slashdot
Dec 15, 2000 Snooping the browser cache (German)
Dec 4, 2000 Web Server Statistics Page
Nov 15, 2000 Norton Internet Security 2001 Family Edition CNet Software
Nov 6, 2000 Alcatel ADSL modems insecure (French)
Oct 18, 2000 Security Issues: The Web Servers
(English), (Chinese)
Oct, 2000 Securing Your Apache Web Server with a Thawte Digital Certificate: Research Thawte
Oct 4, 2000 September 2000 Security Space Survey Results Apache Today
Sept 8, 2000 August 2000 Security Space Survey Results Server Watch
Aug 22, 2000 Security Center - Don't Shortchange Anti-virus Measures WinMag
Aug 14, 2000 Red Hat secures Stronghold with C2Net buy Register
Aug 10, 2000 Measuring Apache's success: does the pornography industry holds the key? Linux World
Aug 7, 2000 Frontier Defense (How we did it) NetworkWorldFusion
Aug 2, 2000 Top-Sites nutzen Apache Internet Intern
Aug 2, 2000 Web-servers survey war (Linux wins .-) Linux Mandrake
Aug 1, 2000 Apache: New Weighted Web Server Popularity Stats Slashdot
July 31, 2000 Audit Service Reduces Web Site Security Costs Info Security News
July 24, 2000 Security: E-Soft unveils Web site audit Belmont's Utility Report
July, 2000 Online Sicherheitstests, Security Check Software Sicherheit im Kabelnetzwerk
July 19, 2000 SecuritySpace: Apache Still Towers Over Server Market NUA Internet Surveys
July 18, 2000 Press Release: New Security Audits Radically Reduce Cost of Securing Your Website Linnux Today
July 18, 2000 Desktop Security Audit Product Watch
July, 2000 SecuritySpacecom Provides Security Portal Sys Admin magazine
May 26, 2000 What the Web Server Surveys Reveal ApacheWeek
May, 2000 E-SOFT Launches New Portal Information Security magazine and newsletter
Apr 7, 2000 CTV Webmania
Mar 20, 2000 Press Release: SecruitySpace.COM Helps E-Users Keep Hackers Out
Feb, 2000 Check your security Navas Group
Feb 22, 2000 Apache Leaving the Competition in the Dust O'Reilly
Feb 21, 2000 Protect your business computer from hackers FIRE International
Feb, 2000 Interview with Rasmus Lerdorf, creator of PHP and author of PHP Pocket Reference O'Reilly
Feb, 2000 What they are and how they work ZDNet
Dec, 1999 Professional PHP Programming ISBN:1861002963 Wrox Press Inc.
Oct 12, 1999 PHP4 hotar ASP med snabbhet och sessioner IDG
Oct 1, 1999 Apache On Top In SSL Survey Apache Week
Oct 21, 1999 Die Queen und der Pinguin Heise Online
Aug 19, 1999 Press Release: Web Scan Network Audit -- An Internet Security Service
Dec 30, 1998 Apache Rules Unix Review (formerly Performance Computing)

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