Acceptable Use Policy for Managed DNS Services

This Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) document is intended to provide you with a list of prohibitied activites. If you engage in any of these activities, SecuritySpace may suspend or cease providing services for your domain(s). SecuritySpace may update this AUP from time to time.

Prohibited Uses of SecuritySpace Services:

  1. You may not use us to assist in any way with the transmission/distribution of materials that violate any laws. This includes, without any limitation, distribution of copyrighted material, illegal content, violating trade marks, trade secrets or other intellection property rights. Included in this is providing links to material that is, or could be reasonably inferred as being distributed in a way that violates one or more laws.
  2. Sending Unsolicited Bulk Email ("UBE", "spam"). If you are engaged in sending any form of spam, you may not use SecuritySpace's services. If you do run a mailing list, they must be opt-in, you must have independently verified the user wished to opt-in, and you must keep a record of this verification. By definition, this means you are prohibited from sending mail to lists of addresses purchased from 3rd parties.
  3. You may not run an IRC network / service.
  4. You may not knowingly host a domain with us if you could reasonably have known that doing so would interfere with anyone else's use of our services.
  5. You are responsible for ensuring that for each domain you host on our system, the domain owner follows this AUP, even if the domains you host with us are managed on behalf of a 3rd party.

SecuritySpace may suspend or terminate your account proactively, without warning, if we in our sole opinion feel that your violation of any part of this AUP threatens the integrity of our network or the services we offer to any other customers.

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