Prices & Feature Comparison

Features Basic   Standard     Advanced  
  1 Year 1 Year
     Price (in USD) Free $49 $99
     Unlimited Use Yes Yes Yes
Analysis Capabilities 
     Support for FramesYesYesYes
     Support for IFramesYesYesYes
     Follows meta redirectsYesYesYes
     Follows redirectsYesYesYes
     Recognizes inline contentYesYesYes
     Maximum Download (per Report)1 MB10 MB50 MB
     Obeys robots.txtYesYesYes
     Can disable robots.txt YesYes
     Selectively ignore file types YesYes
     Configure User Agent strings YesYes
     SSL Support  Yes
     HTTP Userid/Password Support  Yes
Reporting Capabilities 
     List all pages retrievedYesYesYes
     Mime Type AnalysisYesYesYes
     Reports missing linksYesYesYes
     Reports missing imagesYesYesYes
     Reports missing applets YesYes
     Reports missing script libraries YesYes
     Reports missing embedded objects YesYes
     End User Performance Analysis YesYes
     Cache Utilization Analysis YesYes
     Page Size Analysis YesYes
     Page Content Analysis YesYes
     Server Load Analysis  Yes

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