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mod_throttle Web Sites

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 Cost: $499 USD 
 Date: Feb, 2018 
Report Description
The mod_throttle Report provides to purchasers the list of web sites that are running the Apache server with Bandwidth & Request Throttling capabilities as provided by the mod_throttle module.

In the last month (201802), we found a total of 0 sites running Apache, and determined that 0 of these sites used the mod_throttle module. Your report will include a list of all of these sites supporting this module.

Report Specifications
Your report will be delivered to you on-line in a comma separated value format, according to the specifications laid out below. To optimize bandwidth during delivery, files are compressed using "gzip". For users of Windows systems, the popular utility "WinZip" can be used to uncompress the data set. *IX (Unix, Linux, BSD, Solaris, etc.) users should use gunzip or other compatible utility.

Record Format Specification
#NameDescriptionData Type
1 URL The site home page varchar(256) <http://sitename>
E.g. http://www.domain.com
2 SERVERSIG The web server signature varchar(256) <sigstring>
E.g. Apache/1.3.20
3 HOSTIP The IP address used to confirm the site was up varchar(15) <X.X.X.X>

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